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Temmuz 2, 2023 0

Ahmet Mithat Efendi: Pioneer of Our Literature and an Enlightened Writer

Yazar: Philo

Ahmet Mithat Efendi is one of the important figures in Turkish literature. Living in the 19th century, Ahmet Mithat Efendi made significant contributions to Turkish literature through both his works and his ideas. In this article, we will focus on...

Haziran 27, 2023 0

Arda Denkel: Revolutionizing Turkish Philosophy with Pioneering Ideas and Academic Excellence

Yazar: Philo

Arda Denkel, a Turkish philosopher and academic, is one of the prominent figures in the field of philosophy. Throughout his...

Haziran 26, 2023 0

Who is Alaeddin Şenel? 10 Questions About Him

Yazar: Philo

Alaeddin Şenel is a Turkish thinker and political scientist born in Kütahya in 1941. Alaeddin Şenel completed his primary and...