49ers news: What are your biggest concerns about the Tri Lance approaching the regular season?

Tree Lance is the future 49ers. Not many people will argue with this statement. However, determining whether Lance is ready or how influential he will be in 2022 is a different statement.

Last week, we heard critics like Chris Sims say, “The Niners are afraid to start the Lance or put him in the field.” However, Simms’ suspension bears no weight because San Francisco just started their off-season program last month and hadn’t even been through exercise with sanitary pads.

If the Niners were skeptical of Lance, there would have been more whispers along this midfield this off season as they brought in a player like Marcus Mariota, Mitchell Trubisky or some well-known veteran to push Lance in case the youngster wasn’t ready. This did not happen.

Larry Krueger and I have talked about Lance and some discussions about him. Here is Larry:

“I think they understand that once he gets on the field, they will be evaluated on a topic that might affect their professional impact across the league. I don’t think Shanahan would have come out if Lance had a bust. And maybe even Lynch. But that would be a sign and they would lose face quite a bit. What’s in the NFL crowd.

Anytime you feature a player, you don’t know. I think Lance would be really good. Because he has all the elements needed to be good. That includes a love of the process. If you like this process, then you will work on it. If you’re going to work in it and have the requisite talent, guess what, you’ll be good to go. Unless you are completely stupid. Guess what, he’s not a complete idiot. He is really smart.

A combination of cerebral aspects, and desire, will get you there. I don’t know if it will be by week one, and I think Kyle and John understand the environment with the expectations of the fans, the media, and even the team.

This team was one win away from Energy last year. Nobody in that locker room wants to take a step back. How many junior quarterbacks get into the NFL and lead their team to the Super Bowl, or even the playoffs for that matter? They are entering a difficult transition, and we will see how patient everyone is.”

Watching Patience play this season will be a huge journey. in our area Season Predictions, I had 49 players that finished 10-7. Of course, there will be Lance’s inevitable wow moments. But we can’t ignore the clunkers that come with playing a quarterback who hasn’t started a full season in two years.

You can tell Lance he knows what he’s doing based on how he plays out of pocket. It was obvious in North Dakota, and we saw flashes at two starts as Lance went through his lead, read, and stood tall in his pocket, not looking uncomfortable.

When you say that, fans’ minds will jump to negatives like Lance’s objections to him. I’m not saying there are no areas he can’t clean. But, there are areas in which George Kettle could improve as a player.

Doubting Lance is a typical off-season talk amplified by people who naturally root out against it for whatever reason. So perhaps the best way to put it is that the people out there will have fun explaining Lance’s failures:

“That’s weird. For everything I just mentioned, he’s charismatic too. He’s the QB we see taking to social media and calling the wrong guys about the 49ers. That would make him even more likable.”

I think once we get into the season and see him do a couple of wows or do some of the Trent Sherfield throws we saw last year, it’s going to be easy to root for him.

Because of the unknown, because Jimmy Garoppolo led the 49ers to the playoffs, you want to see instant success. He didn’t get the chance to do that. But because Jimmy is on his way out and Trey is on his way, his expectations are very high.”

You can watch/listen to the rest of the conversation below, as we move on to the conversation about what we’re most concerned about Lance heading into 2022. For me, I hope Lance doesn’t come back until QB becomes conservative and lets it fly:

“In college it was one of my biggest problems, and when people say, ‘He didn’t throw any objections in college,’ it’s not a good thing. It tells me that he is very careful with football, that he is very careful and doesn’t let it explode.

I was wondering if that would be a problem in the NFL. Because he’s so good in the pocket, and if he’s not willing to let him rip, play with more variance, and take some chances that Jimmy didn’t either, which ended up costing them both.

But we’ve seen him break it down and unleash it a little bit in the NFL. But when you’re the initiator, and you’re afraid to make mistakes, you don’t want the coach to jump out of your throat. So this is something I’m watching.

I don’t know if you’re worried about it, but it’s something to watch. It was true in college, and I think it would just go away in the first full season of Lance’s start, it’s something to watch, just be aggressive and let it fly. They have playmakers all over the field. There is no real reason why he shouldn’t do this. We’ll see if they’re able to get that out of him.”

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