Anselm: One of the Pioneers of Medieval Philosophy

Anselm: One of the Pioneers of Medieval Philosophy

Haziran 29, 2023 0 Yazar: Philo

Medieval philosophy is filled with numerous great thinkers and philosophers. One such thinker is Anselm. Anselm was a philosopher who delved deeply into the concepts of existence, God, faith, and logic. This article delves into Anselm’s life, philosophical ideas, and his contributions to the field of philosophy.

Anselm’s Life:

Anselm was born in 1033 in Italy. Anselm drew attention with his interest in the church and received education, becoming a significant figure in Christian theology and philosophy. Anselm served as the Archbishop of Canterbury and gained recognition as an influential theologian and philosopher in England.

Philosophical Ideas:

Anselm’s most famous philosophical works, “Monologion” and “Proslogion,” hold a significant place in philosophy. In “Monologion,” Anselm attempts to logically prove the existence and attributes of God. He argues that there is a necessary source of existence, and that source is God.

“Proslogion” contains Anselm’s renowned “Ontological Argument for the Existence of God.” This argument posits that God is an indescribable being and the highest form of existence. Anselm endeavors to support the existence of God through a conceptual proof based on thought.

Contributions to Philosophy:

Anselm made significant contributions to Medieval philosophy. Noted for his work in logic and theology, Anselm emphasized the use of rational arguments in philosophy. His arguments presented deep thoughts on the existence and attributes of God, influencing philosophical debates.

Additionally, Anselm’s philosophy sparked discussions on the relationship between faith and reason. Anselm argued that faith is grounded in rationality and can be understood through reason.


Anselm is considered a significant figure in Medieval philosophy. His philosophical works provided logical arguments on the existence and attributes of God, shaping philosophical discussions. Anselm’s contributions to philosophy played a crucial role in emphasizing the use of rational arguments in theology and philosophy. His philosophy holds an important place in the history of Medieval thought and continues to be a subject of interest even in modern times.