Are you sold on PS Plus Extra or Premium?

PS Plus Poll
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Sony finally spilled (some) beans on its redesign PSMore service, just weeks away from its various regional launch dates. He revealed (some) of the games that will be available to subscribers through his new PS Plus Levels, Extra and Premium, while giving us (some) new information on what we can expect from PS Plus in the future. On the surface level, the reaction has been a bit mixed – but it’s important to note that the game rosters are far from final.

Yet we want to know where you standing on the new PS Plus now that we know a lot more about it. We actually published a similar poll to this one back when Extra and Premium were first announced, in which 24% of readers said it “looked good at first glance”, while 21% said that they needed more information before deciding.

In the end, things were unsurprisingly even, with 28% of readers willing to commit to Premium (or Deluxe, as it will be called in countries without the ability to stream PS3 titles) – the highest tier dear. 27% said they would opt for Extra, while 34% were happy to stick with Essential – that’s the existing PS Plus, which has just been rebranded.

But it will be interesting to see if your opinion of the new levels has changed. Where are you now on Premium and Extra? Have you been convinced to increase your subscription? Let us know in our new polls, then explain yourself in the comments section below.

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