Arma 4 announced, new ‘preview’ game Arma Reforger is now available

Bohemia Interactive announced two games on Tuesday: Weapon 4following his military franchise, and Arma Reforgea standalone “preview” game using Bohemia’s new Enfusion tech engine. Arma Reforge was released in Early Access on Tuesday, Bohemia said in a press release. This is the first time that an Arma game will be released on Windows PC and Xbox at the same time.

Details about weapon 4 themselves are slim — the company hasn’t shared a release date or footage. But it sounds like Arma Reforge will give players a little taste of what weapon 4 will be, a way to “showcase the studio’s progress on [its] new Enfusion engine and offer a preview of things to come,” he said.

Arma Reforge is set on Everon in the 1980s, the same setting of Arma: Cold War Assault. In it, there are two multiplayer modes: Conflict and Game Master. Conflict is your standard team-based multiplayer mode where players will work together to “capture strategic positions from the enemy”, Bohemia said: it’s like building a base, shooting other players and completing different tasks, depending playing as American or Soviet. fighters. Bohema said there is also a “small independent force” for players to choose from that has its own gear inspired by Weapon.

Game Master is more of a platform for users to share mods; mods can only be created by PC players, but console players can also access them. It comes with software tools, called Workbench, which Bohemia says gives the mod community its development tools.

“Any user with a good knowledge of C# scripting should be able to add custom AI behaviors, audio and visual assets, or even completely new game mechanics,” Bohemia said. “Artists can also import their creations using intuitive and streamlined workflows. Essentially, imaginative players will be able to explore Enfusion to its limits and receive a crash course in Arma 4 modding, well ahead of schedule.

Bohemia said it will keep Arma Reforge with “continuous support” even if weapon 4 becomes a higher priority. There’s no full release date for the game, but it will eventually leave early access.

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