cm drummer Ricky Rocket He says he remains cancer-free, nearly eight years after being diagnosed with oral cancer. Rocket He provided an update on his health status via his social media on Monday (January 9). Share a picture of him Ezra Cohenmedical oncologist and co-director of Translational Sciences at Morse Cancer Center in La Jolla, … Read more

China’s invasion of Taiwan may fail, but at great cost to the United States, war game analysts find out | Taiwan

Chinese invasion Taiwan It would likely fail if the US helped defend the island — but it would be at a debilitating cost to the US military itself, according to a US think tank. Gather military experts before Center for Strategic and International Studies In the war game, the conflict said, every potential direct participant … Read more

Construction on the Blair bypass road was delayed by another week

A paperwork glitch is delaying a phase of the Blair bypass that was due to start on Monday by another week, but neighbors and business owners say the project cannot start soon enough. “I can still feel the walls shaking. The plates will shake a little bit when two trucks pass by,” said Blair Bakery … Read more

Shark Tank India 2 | Flatheads: “Down, but not out.” After Shark Tank India 2 goes downhill, Flatheads founder reveals his 10-year-old son wants to be an entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one – from learning to keep the company afloat to convincing investors to fund the startup. Some would call it a brutal life until a startup finds its footing. Ganesh Balakrishnan, co-founder of Flatheads Shoes, appeared on the fifth episode of season two of ‘Shark Tank … Read more

The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon firmware flaws need attention

A security company leads the coordinated disclosure of multiple high-risk vulnerabilities at Qualcomm snapdragon Slices. Vulnerabilities have been identified in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware reference code and their impact on laptops and ARM-based devices using Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, According to Binarly Research. Qualcomm revealed the vulnerabilities on January 5, with links to … Read more

Prince Harry is making ‘serious’ accusations against his wife, Camilla, and the internet is having royal thoughts

Credit: 60 minutes (screenshot) Prince Harry’s crusade to expose shady machinations within the British royal family shows no sign of stopping. after dropping Netflix document Harry and Megan last month and with his new experience additional About to hit the shelves, the 38-year-old made more bombshell accusations Anderson Cooper in a new way 60 minutes … Read more

DSD-MatchingNet: sparse to dense deformable f | EurekAlert!

Image: left to right: one image with a key point the red circle in (a), intermediate feature maps generated by DSD-MatchingNet (b,c,d), final correspondence map (e), and predicted correspondence point in the other image (And) Opinion more Credit: Beijing Zhongke Journal Publishing Co., Ltd. Ltd. Detection methods based on deep convolutional networks search for points … Read more

Anthropic’s Claude has improved ChatGPT, but it still suffers from limitations • TechCrunch

anthropicThe startup, co-founded by former OpenAI employees, which has raised more than $700 million in funding to date, has developed an AI system similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT that appears to improve upon the original system in key ways. Called Claude, the Anthropic system can be accessed through Slack integration as part of a file closed … Read more

China’s claims about breaking quantum encryption ‘should make us uncomfortable’: expert

A group of Chinese scientists claim to have developed a way to crack public encryption using Quantum computing. In a research paper published online in late December, 24 Chinese researchers claimed They have developed a way to use quantum computing to crack the RSA public cipher system commonly used in the finance and telecom industries. … Read more