Microsoft: the agreement with Activision Blizzard “moves quickly”

In a recent interview with Belgium The Echo (Going through WCCFTech), Microsoft President and Vice President Brad Smith provided new details on the progress of Activision Blizzard’s big acquisition. Few months ago, Microsoft has confirmed that it is trying to buy Activision Blizzard, which would give him command of mega franchises like Call of Duty, … Read more

A familiar yet refreshing reboot

Will restarted Saints Row hasn’t come out yet, but some sites have had a hard time with it thanks to a recent hands-on preview. Impressions of the approximately 40 minutes of gameplay, full of explosive and wacky hijinks that fans of the series have come to expect, are making their rounds online and the feeling … Read more

Chiefs chose future flexibility over Terek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs He was Managing Director Brett Fitch and joined a number of national media outlets over the past week (we He covered some of his conversation with Professional Football Talk Mike Florio is here). Maybe lost in the cracks Veach’s conversation with NFL network Rich Eisen as part of “The Rich Eisen Show”. … Read more