Bohemia Interactive confirms its next wargame is Arma Reforger, and it’s out right now

Arma Reforge is the next game in the long-running military simulation series and will serve as an advance force for weapon 4, Bohemia Interactive revealed today during its “Future Of Arma” stream. Most of the information Bohemia was to relay leaked over the weekend on Redditbut it’s always nice to have official confirmation of these things, amirite?

Today’s stream announced that Arma Reforger is now available for early access on Steam and brings the series to console for the first time via Game Preview on Xbox Series X/S. weapon 4 is coming, by the way, but Bohemia has yet to set an actual date yet, telling RPS that development is “in progress.” They also describe Arma Reforger as a “work in progress”. In its just-released early access version, there are two multiplayer modes in which to battle across the 164 square kilometers of map: team versus team in “Conflict” and a scenario editor that works in real time called “Game Master”. .

Bohemia says Arma Reforger is a standalone platform with a dual purpose. On the one hand, it allows the Arma community to explore its new Enfusion engine for modding, while allowing developers working on Arma 4 to gather information and feedback ahead of this game’s eventual release. is Everon, the same island featured in Arma: Cold War Assaultoriginally released in 2001. You can play as the United States or Soviet Russia at the end of the Cold War in the 1980s.

Today’s reveal seems to be about sending Bohemia’s sleek new engine to the podium more than anything else. Bohemia first let the world know that they were working on a new engine in December last year, and said they would use it for all future Arma games. It’s a nifty improvement over the Real Virtuality engine that Arma has been using since it was Operation: Flashpoint, and my desktop vanished every time I tried to run it. See for yourself in the trailer above.

Arma Reforger is now available in early access on Steam. Arma 4 will be released when it’s done.

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