12 Oregon Insurance Companies Failing to Pay Full Cost for Qualified Reproductive Services, Audits Find – Oregon Capital Chronicle

Oregonians got free reproductive healthcare coverage, including abortions, under a law that took full effect in 2019. But at least a dozen insurance companies charged consumers anyway, state officials said Wednesday. . The Department of Consumer and Business Services released reports of abuses by 12 health insurance companies covering nearly 1 million Oregonians. The audits … Read more

Healthcare Professionals: Names you should know

Cornerstone VNA welcomes three new Board Members Rochester – Cornerstone VNA, your local nonprofit home health and aged care organization, welcomes and introduces new board members, Marilyn Staff, RN, David Richard and Laura Davie. According to Julie Reynolds, RN, MS, President/CEO, “We are thrilled to have Marilyn, David and Laura on our dynamic and steadfast … Read more

Paul Merchants Partners with Health Care Insurance – InsuranceNewsNet

Chandigarh, IndiaAnd February 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Paul Merchants, a fast-growing NBFC headquartered in Chandigarhentered into a partnership with Health care insurance To provide its customers with various health insurance products. The PML Gold Plus program which provides group health coverage to customers along with the gold loan was successfully launched a month ago. At … Read more

The United States leads healthcare spending, but it ranks last in terms of health outcomes among rich countries

The United States spends up to four times as much on health care as most rich countries, but doesn’t have much to show for it. Life expectancy in America continues to decline even though this country spends nearly 18% of life expectancy gross domestic product On health care, according to the new Report from the … Read more

The Australian Department of Health has not failed to manage risks in expanding telehealth: a government review

Australia’s National Audit Office has conducted a review of the expansion of telehealth services across the country by the Department of Health and Aged Care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. the findings Based on State auditthe section is short on governance, risk management, and assessment of the expansion of telehealth. While it made “significant” … Read more

University leaders share vision for healthcare with state representatives

Yu of leaders M. Myron FranceSenior Vice President, Finance and Operations, Dr. Jacob TollerMD, dean of the university’s globally recognized school of medicine and vice president for clinical affairs, testified at the Jan. 30 joint hearing of the Minnesota House Finance, Policy, and Health Finance Committees. France and Tollar were invited to share the university’s … Read more

Abnormal selection | MIT News

Across the United States, about three-quarters of people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans—a form of private insurance that follows Medicare rules—receive free gym memberships. why is that? The answer, the research has shown, is that it improves the insurance companies’ customer base: The promise of free workout time lures not only existing clients from the … Read more

Colorado tries public option import drugs and more. What actually lowers healthcare costs? -The Fort Morgan Times

If there’s an idea that might reduce health care costs, there’s a good chance Colorado should try it. State office to save money on health care Make a plan in 2020 which included passing a partial public option; Extension of the reinsurance program. launching a statewide buying coalition; import of prescription drugs; launch of the … Read more

International students have required upfront payment prior to emergency treatment in Queensland hospitals

International students recalled the frightening and stressful experience of being asked to pay hundreds of dollars upfront before treatment in the emergency departments of Queensland Public Hospitals. It has prompted advocates to call for a change in the hospital’s policy for billing students’ health insurance directly. the main points: International students are not eligible for … Read more