Experts say the main problem with automated content moderation is objectivity, not accuracy

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2023 — The sheer amount of online content created daily is likely to drive platforms to increasingly rely on artificial intelligence for content moderation, making understanding the technology’s limitations critical, according to an industry expert. Despite the ongoing culture war over content moderation, the practice is largely driven by financial incentives – … Read more

Researchers are exploring the use of machine learning to predict the composition of bulk metallic glass

Researchers from the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are analyzing the effectiveness of a machine learning tool in predicting the formability of bulk metallic glass. Juan Velasco 2:39 AM, Feb 02, 2023 Correspondent contribution Courtesy of Guannan Liu Machine learning has been used for a wide range of tasks such as speech recognition, … Read more

The AI-produced Seinfeld-Like Twitch TV show is the height of absurdity

What’s the deal with AI technology?screenshot: Mismatched Media / Kotaku There’s always something to watch on Twitch, be that as it may Your favorite musicians are talking about video games or Your favorite streamers discuss politics. Now your choices include vain, and often inconsequential SeinfeldLike a show that works 24/7/365 and is created quickly with … Read more

The steam engine changed the world. Artificial intelligence can destroy them.

Industrialization meant the widespread adoption of steam power. Steam power is a general purpose technology – it powers factory equipment, trains, and agricultural machinery. The economies that adopted steam power left behind—and conquered—those that did not. Get Today in Opinion A must read Globe Opinion, delivered to you every Sunday through Friday. Artificial intelligence is … Read more

The creator of ChatGPT has created a free AI-generated text detection tool

OpenAI, the company behind DALL-E and ChatGPT, has released it Free tool which it says aims to “distinguish between human-type text and AI-type text.” Warns that the workbook is “not completely trusted” in Press release and “should not be used as a primary decision-making tool.” According to OpenAI, it can be useful in trying to … Read more

The InstaDeep acquisition is a classic case of an African startup going global • TechCrunch

in January in Germany BioNTech, the largest vaccine maker, announced that it has I agreed to have it Tunisia-born, London-based AI startup InstaDeep is valued at £562m, including a £200m investment. The InstaDeep deal — subject to regulatory approval and expected to close in the first half of this year — is very interesting, for … Read more

AI (+CLM): It’s Not Just a Buzzword | on him

Everywhere these days, people seem to be talking about artificial intelligence (AI). But it’s more than just a technical jargon – AI can be harnessed to reduce contract delays, enhance collaboration, and turn Legal into an effective and strategic business partner for your business and the future. When you think of the term artificial intelligence, … Read more

are you real? The most pressing question with artificial intelligence as the new interlocutor.

While this could be an online dating nightmare scenario, it could also be the experience you’re having with ChatGPT, the big language paradigm that OpenAI released in December to great fanfare. The charming chatbot represents a leap forward in the ability of machines to sift through the vast volumes of human-written text found on the … Read more

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, when will the Terminators arrive? Orange County Register

Sacramento – August 29, 1997 at 2:14 AM EST Skynet – Military computer system developed by Cyberdyne Systems He became self-aware. It’s been less than a month since the US military implemented the system, but its learning rate was fast then scary. And as American officials scrambled to shut it down, the regime fought back … Read more