The study shows that students felt more engaged with augmented reality but learned less than those watching the video

Credit: Center of Excellence in Health Communication for Underserved Populations As virtual and augmented reality move into more prominent roles in everyday life, scientists hope to determine how effective work is in the classroom. A new study from the University of Kansas found that an augmented reality lesson scored highly among users, who reported feeling … Read more

What might School 2050 look like?

First, we had blackboards and chalk. Then whiteboards and dry erase markers. Overhead and acetate projectors. Now we have interactive whiteboards. From the huge cathode ray televisions carried between classrooms, to the do-it-all flat screens, the classroom environment has kept pace with new technologies. So is the classroom in the future. We’ve come a long … Read more

How can virtual reality help the healthcare industry?

Advancements such as virtual reality make patients receive high-quality healthcare and experts who can assist them with the use of advanced technology The role of virtual reality applications in the healthcare industry The shifts in healthcare in the past decade are remarkable. With healthcare developing so rapidly, another stakeholder between doctor and patient has been … Read more

MTSU students create a grid of resumes during the 2023 HackMT

MURFREESBORO, TN — Computer science and data science students at Middle Tennessee State University were not only making games and dabbling with virtual reality and artificial intelligence at this year’s HackMT event, but also networking and, hopefully, networking with potential employers. MTSU students in 10 teams joined representatives from industry partners, as they spent 36 … Read more

Within Six Months, Wedding Bells Ring at Shankhumukham Beach in Kerala – The New Indian Express

Express News Service THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In six months, the serene beach at Shankhumukham will become a popular vacation spot in Thiruvananthapuram, the perfect place to crash. The Ministry of Tourism plans to renovate Mothuchibe Park near the beach as a wedding venue. This initiative comes on the heels of the Tourism Ministry’s ‘Destination Wedding’ campaign which … Read more

The best HBO original movies of 2022, ranked

HBO joined the likes of Netflix and Hulu when it created its own streaming service: HBO Max. While the streaming service is still relatively young, HBO itself is vastly ahead of its streaming competitors, and Warner Bros. A large number of movies that are exclusively available on the streaming platform. Combine that with loads of … Read more

Reader news: Ridgewater College partners with area high schools for hands-on learning opportunities – West Central Tribune

Wilmar and Hutchinson – Hands-on learning is a great way to learn technical skills. When high school teachers needed to advance their skills to make better use of their latest technology, they turned to Ridgewater College for help. Faculty and staff were happy to answer the call with dedicated communications. “Ridgewater is a community college,” … Read more