Putin invokes Stalingrad to predict victory over “neo-Nazism” in Ukraine

Russian President speaking in Volgograd It’s been 80 years since the Soviet victory at Stalingrad He compares Putin to Russia’s campaign in Ukraine This content was produced in Russia, where coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine is restricted by law. VOLGOGRAD, Russia (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin raised the spirit of the Soviet army … Read more

Israel launches air raids on the Gaza Strip | Israel

Israel launched air strikes in the central Gaza Strip early Thursday morning, according to journalists and witnesses, hours after the army said it had intercepted a rocket fired from Palestinian territory. New rounds of missiles were fired Gaza After these strikes, new explosions were heard from Gaza City at around 3:15 am local time, according … Read more

The Russo-Ukrainian War at a Glance: What We Know on Day 343 of the Invasion | Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky He said in remarks on Tuesday night that his administration plans to make changes as part of attempts to move forward with unusually fast and complex negotiations to secure EU membership, Reuters reported. Ukraine will hold “summit” talks with EU officials on Friday. “It is very important that we are … Read more

Hong Kong criminalizes CBD as a “dangerous drug” along with heroin

Hong Kong CNN – Two years ago, cannabidiol was booming in Hong Kong. The compound, known as CBD, has been popping up in cafes, restaurants and shops, as companies eager to join an exciting new market already well-established in countries around the world. It all came to an end on Wednesday, when CBD was decriminalized … Read more

Huge crowds marched across France, piling pressure on Macron’s pension reform

The reform will raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 Schools, transportation networks and refinery deliveries have been affected Macron: Reform is vital to ensure the continuity of the pension system PARIS (Reuters) – Huge crowds marched across France on Tuesday to say “no” to President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to make people work longer … Read more

Putin v. West, BBC review: World leaders appear to be ashamed of how the Russian president has taken them for a ride

Sign up for the free IndyArts newsletter for the latest entertainment news and reviews Sign up for our free IndyArts newsletter Putin against the West The latest in a series from the legendary Norma Percy, the three-part film has everything you’d expect from a veteran documentary filmmaker–the right mix of revelation, anecdote, history, drama, forensic … Read more

A suicide bomber attacks a heavily guarded Pakistani mosque, killing 59

The number of worshipers reached 400 at the time of the explosion Most of the dead were police officers No one has claimed responsibility for the attack PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a crowded mosque in a heavily fortified security compound in Pakistan on Monday, killing 59 people in … Read more

Friends mourn the killing of a volunteer helping civilians in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Friends and volunteers gathered Sunday at St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv to say goodbye to Andrew Bagshaw.New Zealand scientist killed in Ukraine With another volunteer as they try to evacuate people from a frontline town. Bagshaw, 48, a British New Zealander, and British volunteer Christopher BarryThe 28-year-old went missing this month … Read more

An Iranian military factory was hit by a drone attack

Drones target a factory near Isfahan, and there were no casualties Iran: “cowardly” attack will not slow down nuclear activity He says two drones fell into defensive traps and exploded A major fire hits a motor oil factory in northwestern Iran DUBAI (Reuters) – A powerful explosion ripped through a military factory near the central … Read more

David Rothkopf writes that we have accomplished a lot for Ukraine, but it will take much more than that to win

While the western commitment Send tanks to Ukraine It was a welcome breakthrough, and should not be considered a panacea. At this crucial juncture in the war between Russia and UkraineThe outcome of the conflict is far from clear, and it will take at least two major shifts in US and NATO policies to capitalize … Read more