Correction and Replacement Inspur Listed as a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Edge Computing

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INSPUR is listed as a GARTNER representative vendor in 2022® Market guide for edge computing

Inspur is listed among Edge Computing Server Solutions’ representative vendors for its Inspur EIS200 Edge Microserver product

Inspur, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, is listed as a representative vendor in Edge Computing Server Solutions in 2022 Market guide for edge computing Published by Gartner.

This was the first time that Gartner had published a Market guide for edge computing (“Market Guide”). . “I&O leaders can use this market guide to understand the many facets of edge computing solutions, how vendors will create strategies and offerings to support edge computing, and the direction of this evolving market.”

The Market Guide states that “edge computing is driving a variety of vendors into a new market”. According to Gartner, “Edge computing consists of a number of overlapping sub-markets, which are still in the process of formation. Gartner has identified eight sub-markets: edge computing server solutions, edge management and orchestration, IoT platforms, edge data management, edge analytics and machine learning cutting-edge telecom infrastructure, cutting-edge data center and CDN services, and cutting-edge vertical industry solutions.”

The market guide also divides the edge computing market into three phases. In the first phase, “at the broadest level, edge computing solutions tend to be part of an organization’s digital transformation (eg, Industry 4.0 in manufacturing, or the retail store of the future). Currently, solutions are usually driven by Consulting or system integrators (who often build around their own frameworks). However, edge computing solutions today are often grouped as custom “first-of-its-kind. In Phase 2” after companies begin deploying solutions for edge computing use cases specific, they inevitably identify new use cases and workloads for their environments that have other high-end computing requirements (low latency, high volume local data, outage tolerance, data privacy). Within vertical industries, this expansion will require similar solutions, driving vertically oriented edge computing clusters and packages.” In Phase 3, “many of the technical requirements for edge computing will extend into vertical sectors. Rather than investing in these technologies and services, vendors who focus on specific vertical industries will ultimately benefit from horizontal solutions. Requirements within organizations will also extend from the customer-facing storefront edge to the factory edge and workplace edge—putting more demands on end-to-end and horizontal processes and technologies to improve integration, security, and reduce costs. Edge computing strategies and architectures will drive the edge computing market in Phase 3.” Gartner notes that “forward-thinking organizations are focused on edge computing strategies and architectures today — but they are not the primary buyers in the edge computing market yet. As strategy, scalability, and architectures for edge computing mature, the edge computing market will fade and transform into specific sub-markets, and partner ecosystems offering complete solutions.”

Inspur Information is the world’s leading provider of computing infrastructure. In the face of the complex and diverse business demands of edge computing users, it leads the market by participating in the formulation of operator-oriented design standards for edge servers. Not long ago, Inspur Information released the optional Edge Computing (ECOM) module that addresses diverse and specialized manufacturing, transportation, and other requirements, to drive the maturity of ever-evolving computing products and solutions.

EIS800 is a micro edge server based on the ECOM standard. It can be modified into various forms, such as internal, external and micro-core nodes for multiple scenarios as well as complex and demanding environments. This flexible scalability is ideal for solving the diverse requirements that are encountered across different vertical industries. For example, in retail stores, the internal node of the micro edge server is small and can effectively help manage real-time sales data. The outdoor node with its IP65 rated enclosure can operate under environment temperature from -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F). It can also work stably in smart traffic intersections outdoors. The micro-center node supports multiple options for I/O expansion and flexible deployment. It can be deployed either on a desktop-level small core by stacking multiple nodes or deployed in a cabinet-level small core by installing two connected nodes, providing support for more complex smart factory management scenarios.

In addition, Inspur Information has developed its integrated software hardware solutions covering high-end servers, operating systems and small unit data centers, and is constantly improving its vertical industry partnerships and ecosystem. Currently, the edge computing products and solutions developed by Inspur Information and its partners have been widely applied in manufacturing, energy, transportation and other industrial scenarios. Notable projects include the global bearing giant’s smart factory, Asia’s largest offshore wind farm, and the implementation of a smart parking lot with the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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Inspur Information is a leading provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing and artificial intelligence solutions. It is the second largest server manufacturer in the world. Through engineering and innovation, Inspur Information delivers cutting-edge computing hardware design and comprehensive product offerings to address critical technology verticals such as open computing, cloud data center, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. Our world-class, performance-optimised, purpose-built solutions enable customers to tackle specific workloads and real-world challenges. To find out more, visit

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