Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You is a dating sim from the people of Colonel Sanders

Dead in broad daylight, released in 2016, is a terrifying game that pits four survivors against a deadly killer. Yet over the past six years, some brave fans have asked “What if we don’t get murdered by these killers? What if, instead, we choose to give them beautiful kisses?

Behavior Interactive gives the notoriously thirsty Dead in broad daylight fanbase whatever they want with an upcoming dating sim called Dead by Daylight: Addicted to You. While Addicted to you isn’t canon, it’s still an exciting opportunity to befriend or hang out with the characters Trapper, Huntress, Wraith, and Spirit. The spin-off launches this summer for Windows PC on Steam.

Addicted to you is a collaboration with developer Psyop, perhaps best known for their work on the 2019 KFC themed dating simulator I love you, Colonel Sanders! It may have been a difficult task to make Colonel Sanders sexy, but there are much popular passion for Dead in broad daylight characters. More, Addicted to you is based on the “beach episode” archetype of the anime and manga, so there will be plenty of sun and bathing suits.

The protagonist will be a bit of a blank slate; the player can make their own decisions about who they want to befriend and have a romantic relationship with during the game. In a Q&A after Tuesday’s announcement, Behavior Interactive said if fans are interested, the studio is ready to do more of that romantic fare with a wider cast selection.

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