Depth chart for the Eagles after the 2022 NFL Draft: Special Teams Edition

free agency and NFL Project Behind us, so let’s take a look at how a file works Philadelphia EaglesThe projected depth chart for 2022 is being formed. We previously selected a file a crime and the defense. We’ll continue today with the special teams before moving on to the first display of a 53-man roster for next season. (For fun, take a look at what the menu looks like compared to last year at this time.)

1 – Jake Elliott

Elliott bounced back in a big way after landing in 2020. He made 90.9% of his field shots and 100% of extra point kicks in 2021 en route to his first career. Pro Bowl (Albeit as an alternative). You don’t have to worry about it entering 2022.

1 – Aryn Sibos

The Eagles’ decision not to add more competition to this venue (yet) is both surprising and disappointing. Siposs really struggled in his first season. The 29-year-old has had some really ugly legs in the last few games, including losing Philly in the playoffs. Siposs averaged just 37 yards in his last 12 innings of the season. has increased. With multiple teams picking gamblers in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Eagles will likely be waiting for them to eventually slash the veterans.

1 – Aryn Sibos

Siposs can’t remember having problems as a pregnant woman.

1 – Rick Lovato

There are no problems here. It’s not entirely clear who the Eagles’ long emergency snapper is. Richard Rodgers has some experience doing this but is unlikely to be on the list.

1 – Jason Huntley

2 – Britannia Coffee

3 – Kenneth Jenwell

4 – Galen Rigor

5 – Devon Allen

I tweeted before the first week of last season:

With Huntley still on the coaching staff, the Eagles struggled to get a good kick-back production. Rigor got a chance to show something in that capacity but he ended up on the bench. The Eagles finished the year averaging 18.5 kicks, the fourth worst kick in the NFL. One of their best returns was when Huntley finally got a chance to play in a no-nonsense Week 18 Philly game against Dallas. Huntley’s three returns went at an average of 28 with 35, the second longest of the year (the longest was 44). Maybe they should give Huntley, who was so well back in college, an actual shot at winning the job this time around? Kofi returned 33 kicks in college with an average of 25.4 and one touchdown. In such a small stature, he offers more of a glimpse into being a gambling returner but could get a few looks here as he tries to make up the list. Unlike the top players in this niche, Gainwell is a lock on team composition. He wasn’t really impressed, averaging only 17.1 in eight returns last year. Rigor has experience taking kicks, but he’s not very good at it. Allen has limited experience with KR; He earned eight returns for Oregon in 2014. The track star would need to show the value of special teams to create the roster so he could get reps here.

1 – Galen Rigor

2 – Greg Ward

3 – Britannia Coffee

Among eligible gamblers, Rigor had the third worst average (7.32) any player last year. The Eagles may not be willing to let him down in this role but they should be. Ward isn’t a threat for a big mission, but he can at least give you Reno Mahe’s special advantage in achieving a fair catch reliably. Kofi returned 92 balls for an average of 11.9 and four touchdowns in Utah. The best course of action for the UDFA to build the list is to show that it can provide value as a return. Devon Allen might also be in the mix here even though he’s never returned the kicks in Oregon.

With Alex Singleton gone and JJ Arcega-Whiteside difficult to lock onto the roster, the Eagles will be looking for some new faces to ramp up ST coverage. TJ Edwards, Shaun Bradley, and Andre Chachere are back with notable names. Davion Taylor may be able to make a name for himself in this unit. Rookie defender Kieron Johnson was an ST player produced in Kansas.

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