Each of the two 2023 NCBA World Championships is expected to generate approximately $420,000 in economic impact on the region.

ALTOON — Representatives of the National Baseball League like what they saw at Lloyd Hopkins Stadium and the Alton area so much, they decided not to hold two national championships at Riverbend in 2023.

The National Basketball Association announced Thursday that it will play the 2023 World Series Championship at Hopkins Field, better known as “The Jump.” The group had already awarded the Division Two World Series to the facility at Gordon Moore Park.

The Division 2 World Championship is scheduled to take place from May 18-23. The dates for the Division I World Series are May 25 – June 1.

Each NCBA World Series is expected to generate approximately $420,000 in local economic impact and approximately 250 hotel room nights.

“It really worked out,” said Eric Coritor, NBCA vice president of baseball operations. “Lloyd Hopkins Field and Alton have both checked all our boxes.

“Being close to a major city in St. Louis, close to the airport, central location, and all-weather playing space are all advantages,” he said.

And while all of these traits played an important role in the decision, Coritor said there was something else that was a clincher in the deal.

“The community support is amazing,” he said. “From town, the Alton River Dragons and the Great Rivers & Routes tourism office were both fantastic and did a great job.”

NCBA representatives were in Alton last month getting a closer look at Lloyd Hopkins Field, as well as the community and its offerings.

The year-old artificial playing surface at Hopkins Field is the home of the River Dragons, as well as the home field for Marquette Catholic High School and Alton American Legion Post 126. In addition, Lewis and Clark Community College plays some home games there. .

The organization announced in December that the Division II World Series will be held at Hopkins Field at Gordon Moore Park in 2023 and 2024. The agreement for the Division I World Series, announced Thursday, will also be for two years.

Each of the two NCBA World Series events will be eight teams, attracting regional champion clubs from schools across the United States.

“Having everything here that’s ahead of the Division II World Series can be an advantage,” said River Dragons general manager Dallas Martz. “The support team and everything that is needed will already be in place.”

Among the items on this NCBA checklist are a synthetic playing surface, a large press box, adequate parking, hotels, and restaurants.

On their most recent visit, NBA officials visited Hopkins Field, as well as hotels, restaurants, bars, and other entertainment locations.

“The local business owners welcomed them with open arms,” ​​Martz said. “It was a good visit.”

Martz said the Best Western Premier Hotel in Alton has a block of rooms already designated for the Division II World Series and indicated it could do the same for the Division I World Series.

“It’s a great event that will attract a lot of fans from all eight schools participating in the series, and will provide a huge economic boost to the district in just a few days,” Martz said.

The NCBA has 290 teams, 53 conferences, and three divisions. Eight regional tournaments are held in early May across the United States and the winners advance to the NCBA World Championship, which will be a double-elimination.

This will be the second time that the NCBA will hold two of its three World Series events at the same location.

The NCBA’s Division I fields 132 teams. Division Two contains 122 teams, while Division Three contains 35 teams. The Division III World Series will be held May 19-21 in Butler, Pennsylvania.

“Having so many teams from coast to coast,” said Coritor, “it would be nice to have a central location for Division One and Part Two of the World Series.”

He said the NCBA consists of club teams that are primarily student-led, but feature a high standard of play.

“We’ve had players who may have gotten into colleges for various reasons other than baseball, but transferred to collegiate level teams and we’ve had some players who’ve gone on to professional baseball.”

Curator said the National Basketball Center will send a staff of 10 to 13 workers per series and that much-needed support will be provided by the River Dragons and the Great Rivers & Routes tourism office.

“We’re very excited about that,” said Curitor. “Hopkins Field is a great facility with a lot of personality, the area has been very welcoming and the support we’ve seen has been fantastic.”

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