Eagles All-22 movie review: Cam Jurgens is a kind of boom/bust

with the 2022 NFL Draft Done, it’s time for some movie rooms in this year’s junior class. I’ll try to reach all the players and some UDFA over the next few weeks. There are obviously a million exploration profiles out there so that’s just my opinion but I’ve tried to back up everything I said using movie clips. I’ve seen a lot of All 22 on a number of newbies but can’t share these clips on my Twitter accounts (or risk getting banned), so I’ll occasionally use some of the other accounts here. distance Starting with Jordan Davis, we’re moving on to pick Cam Jurgens in the second round. Let’s go!

strength point

+ Lightning fast snap off. He can reach the 1st and 2nd level defenders quickly.

+ He is very fast and athletic for a lineman, excellent for space in a screen game and can get very low by using his pads to move second tier linebackers. The previous narrow end and it shows.

+ Very good lateral movement and sports to pull and can also perform access blocks, perfectly fit the game area.

+ Plays aggressively and will hit DTs hard even when scrolling. Strong hand and handle to keep it bulky sometimes too.

+ Can withstand and handle larger DTs when proven well, but doesn’t do it consistently.

+ Mentally fast too, not just physically fast

+ He has a difficult advantage for him, difficult and competitive finishes.

Weak points

– He struggles to maintain his mass at times, especially when he loses to a snap, and will resort to catching, causing many penalties.

– The Eagles know more than me, but you can’t see the diversity on the tape. It looks and plays like a middle. Previous narrow end, you might assume if the tire was maxed out.

He does everything quickly, when he makes a mistake, he misses badly. Stars accelerate in his movement instead of being controlled.

Can lean on lumps in a snap and miss badly. He struggles at the point of attack frequently. Can he tolerate big nose treatments?

He has the sportsmanship to get to the defenders but doesn’t always keep the blocks.


I’ll be honest, like many of you, watching an offensive lineman isn’t always at the top of my list when it comes to player details. But Cam Jurgens’ tape is great to watch. Seriously, he’s a fun player to watch. Each play looks like a roller coaster. Obviously the upside is very high due to his athletic performance and speed, but he needs to develop some strength and be stronger in attack point.

I am very happy that he is sitting a year behind Kielce as I think he needs to work on his strength and technique. But I’m excited to see what he can do in pre-season and in the future. I think it is well suited for a region based running game and will excel in space, on screen passes and on pin/drag concepts. There aren’t a lot of offensive linemen that I’ve seen.

The lack of power at the point of attack is a legitimate concern. Given that it was a previous tight end, I imagine there are questions about how much size and power he can realistically gain. I wonder if he’s already maxed out and that’s a concern. Just like we’ve done with Jason Kelce for a number of years, we may just have to accept that this will always be his weakness. When he plays with good leverage, he has proven that he can hold on to his passes.

Looking ahead, I see that he’s a boom/bust type player. If he doesn’t improve his strength, he could be a burden in protecting passes against larger defensive interventions. But I can see why the Eagles led him into the second round. Jeff Stutland must be pretty excited about the idea of ​​developing it over the next few years. Jason Kelsey is obsessed with athletes and there is no one else I’ve seen like him in the center in a long time. Stylistically speaking, Cam Jurgens might be the closest match I’ve seen. I had a few questions about the selection at the time (and still do) but we’ve all seen the impact a sports center like Kielce can have on attack. Who wouldn’t want to see that continue after they retire?

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