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Ranking of all 32 NFL seasons – PFF
The Eagles had a great off-season experience, and a few moves will likely have more impact than getting AJ Brown through the trade on draft day. The only question is where those factors are – whether you count them as part of the team draft or not – but Brown gives the team a legitimate No. 1 receiver, which was still a question mark otherwise. Brown has been a generally elite receiver since entering the league but has also distinguished himself in areas still under discussion with DeVonta Smith, such as dominating press coverage. Smith is now developing as a No. 2 receiver with less interest in defenses, and the Eagles now have a formidable receiving corps to go along with an excellent offensive line. The team also had major upgrades in its defense with Jordan Davis in the first round and then Nacube Dean in the third round, who were two stars of the best defense in college football. Dean appears to have slipped into the draft due to concerns about his medical file that the Eagles apparently don’t share, and could easily become a draft stealer almost immediately. Signing Haason Reddick is the biggest free agency move the team has made, but it’s no small feat. Reddick is an impressive speed striker and will be part of an ongoing overhaul of his defensive line which continued with Davis’ pick in the first round.

Depth chart for the Eagles after the 2022 NFL Draft: Special Teams Edition – BGN
With Jason Huntley still on the coaching staff, the Eagles struggled to get a good kick off production. Rigor got a chance to show something in that capacity but he ended up on the bench. The Eagles finished the year averaging 18.5 kicks, the fourth worst kick in the NFL. One of their best returns was when Huntley finally got a chance to play in Philly’s no-nonsense Week 18 game against Dallas. Huntley’s three returns were an average of 28 with 35, the second longest of the year (the longest being 44). Maybe they should give Huntley, who was so well back in college, an actual shot at winning the job this time around? Kofi returned 33 kicks in college with an average of 25.4 and one touchdown. In such a small stature, he offers more of a glimpse into being a gambling returner but could get a few looks here as he tries to make up the list. Unlike the top players in this niche, Gainwell is a lock on team composition. He wasn’t really impressed, averaging only 17.1 in eight returns last year. Rigor has experience taking kicks, but he’s not very good at it. Allen has limited experience with KR; He earned eight returns for Oregon in 2014. The track star would need to show the value of special teams to create the roster so he could get reps here.

A look at Eagles 2023 free agents, who could be candidates for contract extension – PhillyVoice
Possible long-term cutting in non-privileged positions. The Eagles should only be concerned with expanding the range of non-premium players at reasonable costs and team-friendly. RB Miles Sanders (25). Sanders is explosive and a major threat, but his reliability in the passing game (both as a receiver and in pass protection) has been inconsistent, and he often fails to get the easy yards that have been blocked for him. If he can show in 2022 that he can pull it all together and become a full-back, then the Eagles should try to re-sign him for a proper extension of the squad. Otherwise, they should be ready to let him test the free agency in 2023. Perhaps we should take a more thorough look at Sanders’ situation soon. (Adds it to the writing table.)

The future is now: a look at Class 21 – PE.com
DeVonta Smith, WR, first round. Smith says he wants to work on the “little things” in his game, which is his way of saying he strives every day to be perfect. Rarely has such an enthusiastic player landed the One NovaCare Way… After his outstanding rookie season – 64 receptions, 916 yards, 5 touchdowns, and an incredible half a dozen, how did he do that? The catch – Smith has extensive NFL experience to reference in addition to his superb receiving skills. With veteran AJ Brown on board, Smith’s chances of creating more favorable matches immediately improve. How will Smith’s role in crime change? This will be part of the fun to watch when the sanitary pads go on at boot camp and into the regular season.

Zack Taylor explains the Bengals’ different approach to the offseason – SI
The revenge plots associated with games are usually a bigger factor for fans than they are for gamers, but there’s one theme I’m keeping an eye on this year. Let’s start with what NFL quarterback Carson Wentz said during the schedule release presentation when he returns to Philadelphia on November 14 (Monday night): “I know it’s going to be a big game. Lots of emotion. I’m sure the fans will eat this up and it’s going to be fun — make a story.” Good. But at the end of the day, it’s just another ball game. It’s going to be a huge division game for us when that comes. So I’m excited about it, but at the same time, I try not to get too excited about it, because, again, it’s just football. No Can pressure. I can’t do much.” So yeah, that would be fun. But to me, perhaps the most exciting are three earlier dates — the opening game against his old coach Doug Pederson and the Jaguars, the week three game against the Eagles, and the week eight game in Indianapolis. See where Wentz said there that he “can’t do much”? Well, for the first eight weeks we’ll have three situations where you’ll get a clear view of whether he’s pressing because he’s playing against teams with people who, on paper at least, have the best knowledge of how to make that side of him. And if that happens, as it did last year, Washington has a much-loved debutante in Sam Howell, a fifth-round pick who scored high enough with the team that essentially demanded his pick where the leaders caught him.

Troy Aikman thinks leaders are likely ‘last chance’ for Carson Wentz to prove he’s a quarterback – NFL.com
In his first year at the Monday Night booth alongside longtime broadcast partner Joe Buck, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is set to call up that game. He believes he will be part of a last chance season for Wentz, who was named second overall in the 2016 NFL Draft by the Eagles but is now set to play for his third team in as many seasons. “I think right now, Carson has had a chance; it didn’t end well in Philadelphia, of course,” Aikman said Monday via an ESPN text. It wasn’t great for him there. They decided to make another change in this situation, and now it came to Washington. “This might be his last chance, just being candid about it, to prove that he can be a quarterback in the NFL.”

Draft notable predictions the Cowboys will face in their 2022 schedule – Blogging The Boys
A pair of Georgia Bulldogs Which has cemented one of the most dominant defenses in college football history will have a chance to do so like the Eagles teammates. The Eagles are a great pick to tease the Cowboys as class winners this season, if Jalen Hurts could be their future quarterback. The Eagles traded for AJ Brown during the first round to help the Hurts massively, spending two of their five picks in defense to give them another way to win. Davis is a jogging stuffed beast who gives Philadelphia a dominant interior space with Fletcher Cox. Nacube Dean’s fall to the third round was a huge surprise, as concerns about his size and long-term injury scared the teams. The Eagles could actually have one of the biggest heists in the draft, as Dean was a full participant in the rookie minicamp. Both expectations in Georgia exemplify the grueling style of play that Philadelphia fans will fully embrace, with the Cowboys’ week six game on the road being Sunday night’s soccer game.

What’s the plan? Putting the Giants Subway Together – Big Blue View
Giants High School is still precariously weak after her parting with Bradbury, but it seems they have a plan to hold High School together. There is always a high rate of attrition among defensive linebackers, and the Giants may be one hit or two away from disaster. The Giants will also be relying on a lot of young players and moving parts in high school this year. That would certainly invite tests of opposition to crimes. The giants seem to have a clear view of the kinds of players they want and how they all fit together. However, it remains to be seen if the plan will pay off this year or if they will need another off-season for it all to come together.

Film Shoot: What Alabama RB Brian Robinson Jr. Brings. To Washington’s backyard? Hughes Heaven
Washington uses a variety of running concepts stemming from strength and territory. However, I think Robinson Jr. He will be most effective as an area runner, specifically in running within the area, where his vision, quick tackle, and blast will help him take advantage of this specific running scheme. Additionally, Robinson Jr. Very well, he constantly shows awareness of football protection in traffic. Some people think Robinson Jr. will eventually take on Gibson as a full-time starter, and he might. Robinson Jr. has the potential to be a tripod guy if he turns out to have good trail running skills and can pick up and adapt to quarterback throws from multiple throwing points. Entering the league, he’s one of the best passing pro defenders. He’s an intelligent, physical, and very brave blocker, taking on defenders of all three levels.

Drew Brees announces he ‘may’ play football in 2022 – Channel Street Records
Right there from the horse’s mouth: Breeze is hesitant about his future in 2022 and may play football again. Could it be because New Orleans Saints? Could it be James Winston’s reserve? Will it be a start? Will he play elsewhere? what is going on? What will Drew Brees do? Why can’t we have a normal month of Saint news.

What units could be the most improved in the NFL in 2022? – Ringer
Saints Reception Corps. Life in the NFL is very difficult without a strong quarterback, as the Saints discovered in their first season after Brees. James Winston kept the patchwork attack afloat for most of the early part of the season, but when he picked up an ACL injury in week eight, everything seemed to fall apart. This was not the most shocking development. Trevor Simian and Tysum Hill are both limited passers-by, and the receiving corps was devoid of talent after an ankle injury sidelined Michael Thomas. Genius Sean Payton can only hold offense so far, especially in third when defenses tend to play tight coverage. Receivers couldn’t create the class, and New Orleans was ranked 28th in 3rd pass success rate down, per RBSDM.com. However, that shouldn’t be an issue this season. Even with Payton enjoying retirement (for now), things should have been easier for the offense in the situations to get through. Not only did Thomas return, but the saints also gave him some help. In the past, defenses would bracket Thomas without really having to worry about her getting burned by another future. But that will not be the case after the team has drafted Ohio StateRoad running expert Chris Olaf, in the first round, added Jarvis Landry in a thrifty one-year deal, worth $3 million. If Olaf hits the ground running—and as the most prepared receiver of the year, he should—and Landry bounces back after playing in the chaos of Cleveland’s offense, the Saints could go from having the worst team in the NFL to being one of their own. better. The offensive scheme shouldn’t look too different with Peyton’s longtime assistant Pete Carmichael taking control of the headset. With Winston back in the fold, and with three clever receivers capable of beating any corner in front of them, Carmichael’s difficulty score wouldn’t be terribly high.

Monday Football Monday #88: Is Drew Bryce’s Football Life Returning? – SB Nation NFL Show
RJ Ochoa and Rob “Stats” Guerrera air their thoughts on reports that Drew Brees will not return as a studio analyst for NBC in 2022.

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