Ed Dodds explained why he said no to taking on the GM job

The Chicago Bears He met with several candidates for GM in January. More than a dozen in it it turns out. Team Leader George McCasky and the research team led by Bill Pullian were determined to assess the best potential candidates and find the right man for the job. Not surprisingly, Indianapolis Colts assistant general manager Ed Dodds was among those names. He has developed a reputation over the past decade as one of the top talent evaluators.

However, for whatever reason, it has been or has been crossed multiple times in recent years despite numerous interviews. Some Bears fans had hoped he would be interested in Chicago. Great market town with non intrusive ownership and football lovers. He’s also connected to former Bears scout Chris Ballard, who runs the show in Indianapolis. Soon after meeting him, news broke that Dodds had pulled himself out of the race.

It was a rather surprising development that didn’t get much explanation.

Finally, the CEO spoke about it with Zach Kiefer of Athletic. While he didn’t single out bears specifically, he Hinge Why hasn’t he got a GM job yet. He’s giving it back to him because he doesn’t feel comfortable with the team’s attitudes and thus probably doesn’t like his honest (let’s say undiplomatic) style. From the way he expresses it, he wasn’t a fan of the Bears’ setup and didn’t want to waste their time.

“I am respectful and polite,” he said, “but if they ask me a question, I will give them the answer which I believe is the right course of action.” “If they don’t want to do it this way, that’s fine, that’s their prerogative… they don’t have to. But (tell them) what I’m going to do.”

“I will look at each one individually and make the best decision possible,” Dodds added. “And if it’s not[the best]I don’t want to waste their time. So if I look at it and say, ‘No, that’s not quite the position I care about,’ I won’t[finish the process].”

Then again, some people think it wasn’t entirely Dodds’ decision. He might have been the one to bow down, but there was a grumble when it happened that he was doing it to save face. According to Jeff Hughes of the Da Bears blog, who was at the helm of Ryan Pace’s firing before anyone else, the interview with the Dodds didn’t go well at all. His prospect of getting the job was nearly dead from the start, so he made sure to leave quickly.

Ed Dodds’ loss ended up gaining Ryan Poles.

There were some rumors that the Copper Bears got it wrong in the interview because they asked the wrong questions. This seems somewhat strange since there are no specific guidelines for right or wrong questions in this work. The goal of each team is to find the right man. Then it comes to hoping to find enough good players to build a champion. Not all successful GMs are made the same way. Their personalities and philosophies are often very different.

Ed Dodds is a very smart guy, and a very stubborn guy. He knows one way to do things when building the list, and that’s what it would be like. If the organization does not like it, he will move forward instead of considering the idea of ​​tweaking his process. Ryan Bowles doesn’t think that way. He believes it is essential to be flexible as a GM. You have convictions, sure, but remember to listen and always be open to new ideas.

It’s no surprise that bears quickly grew to love him.

Maybe Dodds GM will be great someday, and he’ll do it his way. As long as the ponies continue to have success, they will continue to have opportunities. It’s as if unwillingness to accept a challenge and adapt seems like a fatal flaw.

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