Five NASCAR Questions to Answer in 2023: How Many Can You Get Right?

We’ve noticed a pattern over the first three years of NASCAR’s annual preseason question contest.

Each season thus far has become progressively more unpredictable. in 2022for example, almost a quarter of respondents did not receive Not connected Correct answer out of five questions. More than two-thirds of the participants failed to get two correct answers. Only a couple of players (out of 272) have had at least three, including winner Craig Swicki (who was declared champion with a score of 3.5).

How will we work collectively this year? Do you think you have what it takes to join our list of winners? Read the questions below, then click the link to fill out the form or leave your answers in the comments section.

1. Who has a better season: Kyle Bosh or Tyler Reddick?

The biggest driver moves in 2022 saw Kyle Busch leave Joe Gibbs Racing to join Richard Childress Racing and Tyler Reddick leave RCR a year early for 23XI Racing.

First, let’s look at their stats from last year – the season the drivers finished next to each other in the standings (Bosch 13th, Riddick 14th):

  • Wins: Riddick 3, Bosch 1
  • top five: Riddick 10, Bosch 8
  • top ten: Bosch 17, Riddick 15
  • led windings: Bosch 627, Riddick 503
  • average finish: Bosch 16.7, Riddick 17.6

Busch is moving to Reddick’s old car (with his old team), which was clearly capable of winning races in 2022. Reddick got the No. 45 car, which was credited with two wins (a sweep of Kansas between Kurt Busch and Bubba Wallace) – but He actually has one victory with the actual team (since Wallace’s #23 moved him to 45 in the playoffs).

So here’s your challenge: instead of simply answering who will win more races or who will have a better average result, the question is Which driver will have the competitive advantage in the above five categories?

To recap, this is it: wins, top five, top 10, laps led and a mediocre finish. Since it is possible for them to have the same number in one category and divide the other four, we will need a tie breaker. In this case, it will be whoever ranks higher in the last season’s standings.

Correct answer will give you 1 point.

2. How did Kevin Harvick fare in his senior year?

We’ll say Happy Trails to Happy Harvick at the conclusion of the 2023 Cup Series season, but we’re getting another chance to see how this future Hall-of-Famer can perform during a full-time campaign in a good car.

While it’s tempting to think Harvick will look like his usual self – he did get past a winless 2021 by winning two races last summer, after all – there are a few other factors to consider.

Aside from the two victories, Harvick had his worst season statistically since joining Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014. This includes fewest top fives, most 10 laps, lead (only 119, the worst of his career) and average finish ( worst since 2009).

Perhaps part of that can be attributed to the general lack of success of SHR. But Harvick turned 47 last month, and no one can outrun time forever.

So how will Harvick fare in his 23rd season of the Cup Series? You get 1 point if you correctly predict how far he will go in the playoffs: Round of 16, Round of 12, Round of 8, Tournament 4 or miss the playoffs altogether.

3. Who will drive the No. 4 car in 2024?

Harvick, Rodney Childers and their team have made the No. 4 car the highest earning car since joining SHR in 2014. As of 2023, Harvick has scored 37 victories over that time – five more than the closest driver/car combo (Kyle Busch has 32 victories in the No. 18) .

As of this writing, we don’t know for sure if Childers, the crew or existing sponsors will go on to replace Harvick. If they did, it would be quite an attractive seat. And Harvick made the 4 a desirable landing spot either way.

One problem is that a lot of marquee free agents from recent years are already off the table. Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch and Reddick signed elsewhere while the SHR team was absent. This year’s free agent crop could include Ross Chastain, Eric Jones and Alex Bowman.

If these drivers stay where they are, who stays? Will Ryan Preece do well enough in the No. 41 SHR this year for the team to push him into the fourth car? Will Cole Custer have a huge Xfinity Series season and show he deserves another shot at the Cup?

It’s hard to sit here and predict what’s going to happen, but that’s why this question is on the list: For one point, Who will replace Harvick for the 2024 season?

4. Will parity continue?

The Next Generation car’s first season produced 19 different winners in a single season. How rare was it? A total of 19 different drivers going to victory lane in the same year has only happened again in the past 60 years (in 2001).

And that doesn’t even include Ryan Blaney winning the Texas All-Star Race.

So what about 2023? The next generation car can continue on the same track, with a variety of drivers winning races and only requiring a win to make the playoffs. Or maybe the traditional powerhouse teams will find some areas to gain advantages and thus capture a good portion of the winnings again.

the question: How many different race winners will there be in 2023? Nailing the exact number is tricky, so you get 1 point for predicting it on the nose and 1/2 point for just one number.

5. Who is the lock for Tournament 4?

This is a frequently asked question from last year’s list, but I really liked it after seeing the results. Only 18 percent of players get the right lock, which makes sense when you consider that Ross Chastain and Christopher Bell made it to the Final Four. Ultimate champion Joey Logano was only the eighth driver selected as a ‘lock’, which once again speaks to the unpredictable nature of the season.

Perhaps it would be easier this time around if drivers like Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott or Denny Hamlin made the championship round. But… probably not! who do you know

for one point, Name one driver who you think will win the championship 4.

important note: There are two ways to submit your vote this year. You can either Click here to find an easy form to fill out (Which is my favorite, as it’s much easier than sorting 300ish entries manually) Or simply write your answers in the comments section below (but please don’t do both!).

If you choose to write your answers in the comments section, please copy and paste this format:

1. Bosch or Riddick:

2. How far does Harvick go?

3. Who replaces Harvick:

4. Number of different winners:

5. Lockdown Tournament 4:

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