Fortnite: How to collect the Dragon Balls on Adventure Island

As part of the new Dragon Ball Super Fortnite missions, players need to head to Adventure Island to collect – you guessed it – seven Dragon Balls. It is a little tricky to do, but this guide contains all the information you will need to find the 7 Dragon Balls so that you can fulfill your wish in Shenron.

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How to get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island

Fortnite Fortnite Dragon Ball Adventure Island playlist.

Unlike most missions that tie into the game’s Battle Royale mode, the new Dragon Ball Super challenges require you to visit Dragon Ball Adventure Island, a dedicated stage for you to explore. This means that you cannot jump into a standard Battle Royale match to complete missions. Instead, you need to enter Dragon Ball Adventure Island using the code 5642-8525-5429 in the Island Code menu.

To do this, enter the Discover menu by pressing Square from the main menu (X on Xbox and s on Nintendo Switch). After that, you can go to the island code and enter the code mentioned above. You can also make things easier by simply going to Epic’s Picks, where you will see Dragon Ball Adventure Island. Either way, find and dive into that specific playlist.

How to find dragon balls

Once inside, you’ll want to make your way to Goku ahead, who’s standing in front of a banner with seven missions – each mission corresponding to a Dragon Ball. Here, you will see all the tasks that you will need to complete for that specific event.

The first Dragon Ball

The first Dragon Ball is easy – it’s in front of the aforementioned task board next to Goku.

Dragon Ball II

A character next to the radar in Fortnite.

For the second Dragon Ball, you will simply need to use the radar in the center of the resort area. Once you do that, you will need to head to the beach area where you will find the next Dragon Ball. Don’t worry, it’s marked on the map.

Third Dragon Ball

The first two were easy, but now things are starting to ramp up. For this, you need to head to the large spaceship capsule to the right of the task board, and take it to Goku’s House. Once you get here, you will need to craft three different types of fish: Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and Vendetta Fish. The components of each are as follows:

  • Shield fish: Mushroom + Flop
  • Revenge fish: Spicy fish + shield fish
  • spicy fish: Flop + pepper

Mushrooms are found near the water near the little hut. You’ll also find a fishing rod here, which you’ll use to catch Floppers, but keep in mind that the fishing is a bit wonky. Sometimes you will have to cast your line a few times before you get a bite. Pepper was found behind Goku’s house.

Next, head to Goku’s right and you’ll see three crafting stations for the aforementioned fish. Once you’ve made them all, make your way to the base near Goku and you’ll get the fourth Dragon Ball.

Fourth, Dragon Ball

A character in the Time Trial in Fortnite.

This one is more straightforward than the previous one, but it requires more precision. Take the Capsule Corp. spaceship. To the Room of Spirit and Time Trial, where you will be thrown into a large platform obstacle course. Although it’s called a time trial, you don’t seem to need to complete it within a certain amount of time. The platforming itself throughout this section is tricky, but luckily you’re given checkpoints every now and then, which makes it a little easier. Get to the end to get the fourth Dragon Ball.

Fifth Dragon Ball

A character in Nimbus Race in Fortnite.

For this task, you need to head to Kami’s Palace to complete the Nimbus Cloud time trial. Just like the last beta, you don’t have to complete this within a certain amount of time. Simply use the Nimbus Cloud to pass through all 14 checkpoints and a Dragon Ball will appear on a nearby base.

Sixth Dragon Ball

The rock character in Fortnite.

After that, hop into the spaceship and head to Beerus Planet. Follow the path to the left and grab Kamehameha. You need to destroy five of the rocks in front of you to complete this challenge, which is a go-kart. Some rocks don’t seem to count, but after destroying a nearby tree with an “X” on it, we get credit for more than one rock. Keep in mind that the boulders actually multiply after a short while, which makes this task much easier. The Dragon Ball will then spawn near Beerus next to a table with food.

Seventh Dragon Ball

Shenron the Dragon in Fortnite.

The last Dragon Ball is a bit of a sabbatical, as it only requires you to find the previous six. After doing that, head to the task board and you will see the seventh and final Dragon Ball on a pedestal next to Goku. You can now make your wish in Shenron!

Travel to Shenron after grabbing the last Dragon Ball and you’ll be given the choice between Yellow and Blue. The reward is either a blue or yellow aura around your character, so choose wisely.

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