Is Shrek not in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish because he died?

Puss in Boots: Last Wish Not just a sequel to partner partner – It’s also a great animated movie with some beautiful action sequences, vivid characters, and a touching story of deaths.

But yeah, it’s also the Shrek spinoff movie, which leads to the natural question: Is Shrek in this movie? The answer is surprisingly complex for something so simple.

Well, is Shrek wearing Puss in Boots: The Last Wish?

Shrek in the mud bath at Shrek Forever After

Image: DreamWorks Animation

Unlike the previous Puss in Boots movie, which was a prequel to Puss as we meet him Partner 2And last wish Happen or occur After, after All adventures related to Shrek Puss, when he is on his last nine lives.

Shrek himself does not appear in canon form, but when Puss remembers his past adventures, both Shrek and Donkey appear in the memory. It’s a scene in which the three deftly walk across a fallen wooden bridge, which, as far as we know, hasn’t been shown on screen in the main Shrek movie. Was it a lost moment, or did this happen afterward partner forever after?

In addition to Shrek and Donkey, a handful of other Shrek characters make brief appearances in the series last wish: Pinocchio is seen in one of the evil flashbacks, doing a perky little dance and shouting that he’s a real boy. Genji the gingerbread man He was directly involved in Puss’ fourth death, as the two watched a furnace just before it exploded.

When does Puss in Boots: The Last Wish take place regarding a partner?

Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek), Perro (Harvey Guillén) and Puss stand in a garden of watercolor-like flowers and trees

Image: DreamWorks Animation

Here is where things get more fun. We know Puss met Shrek and the gang sometime between his third and fourth lives – which means he’s lived four more lives since then. Now granted, Puss lived a carefree life that led to events last wish, which means that the gaps between lives could be a mere two months. But they also could have stretched out for quite some time (on the longer end, cats live about 18 years, but this is a fantasy world with talking cats, so we can’t put a number on it).

But the context is in last wish It is suggested that it has been some time since Puss has seen Shrek and the others. He’s basically in a different country and away doing his own thing. It’s been so long that Puss doesn’t feel like he can comfortably spank Shrek or his ass when the doctor suggests he spend the last of his life in a cryosection. Much of the film focuses on Puss getting over his inflated self and learning to rely on others, but it undermines his past friendship with Shrek and the others. They definitely had some kind of bond that goes beyond an awkward few years.

But what if more than a few awkward years have passed? What if it’s already been a long period of time… Shrek isn’t alive anymore?

wait what? But doesn’t Puss go to Far Far Away in the final scene?

Yes, the end last wish He finds Puss, Kitty, and Perrito stealing a ship and sailing to Far Far Away, but let’s remember a few key things: One, Shrek gave up the throne of Far Far Away to live in his swamp in the third movie, leaving the crown to Fiona’s cousin Arthur. and two, a Much Other characters live in Far Far Away – particularly ones who probably can’t die of old age, such as Pinocchio (made of wood), Gingy (made of cookies), and Magic Mirror (made of a mirror). Also, Fiona and Shrek’s Donkey and Dragon They all have children, which means it’s very likely that Puss will visit the second (or third!) Generation.

I do not believe you.

The wolf talks to Puss at the tavern while Puss drinks milk

Image: DreamWorks Animation

I also don’t quite believe me. After all, it has been It has been rumored for a long time This is kind of a Shrek reboot or an upcoming sequel. And maybe Universal and DreamWorks want to do the same Money partner possible, so it is unlikely that Shrek was actually dead. Also, he is a ghoul. Certainly they are Live long dang.

But the message of mortality and Boss’ fear of death is made even more difficult when we consider that the hero outlived some of his closest friends and witnessed the passage of time. It might even be that he took them off and left them when he realized they were nearing the end of their lives, unable to face that fact. Maybe he regrets it! It might have been split! Perhaps this is another reason why he wants to work alone and be on his own – being close to others when you have a near-immortal lifespan can only lead to heartache. No wonder this cat has commitment issues!

Wait, speaking of commitment woes — what about the Boss’s wedding? Were Sharik, Himyar and the rest there?

I certainly hope so. Puss’ escape from that wedding may not have been just an escape from a life with Kitty, but the fact that he couldn’t face his friends one last time. Let that sink in. 🙂

Puss in Boots: The Last Wisdomh Available upon request now.

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