Jennifer Lopez reveals she was supposed to be part of Madonna and Britney’s kiss

Jennifer Lopez is known for her fair share of pop culture moments that will go down in history — who could forget the green dress?

But it turns out she could have another one of those moments under her belt if she plays her cards right.

in A recent interview with E! News To promote her new movie “Shotgun Wedding,” Lopez revealed that she was originally asked to be a part of Madonna and Britney Spears’ iconic moment at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Madonna originally approached Jennifer Lopez to be part of the VMA’s Kiss with Britney Spears.

Lopez claimed she had to turn down the opportunity to join the performance due to other professional commitments.

Fans will remember the infamous moment in pop culture history when Madonna kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during a performance of “Like a Virgin.”

In an homage to Madonna’s ’80s style, Britney and Christina wore mini wedding dresses, pearl necklaces, and lace fingerless gloves during the duet.

Madonna wore a tuxedo, popping out of a giant wedding cake to sing her hit “Hollywood.”

According to Lopez, she was actually the first choice to join Britney and Madonna’s VMA kiss.

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