Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to join ESPN and Tom Brady’s Fox

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman New ‘Monday Night Football’ announcers on ESPN After more than two decades together at Fox Sports, we are fully aware of the free agency craze they have been a part of lately and have influenced their successors at Fox.

The Post, who was not a passive observer of this trip, asked the duo on an ESPN conference call Monday about how well they keep up with all the media chatter.

Buck interrupted him with a laugh, “You guys are on top of this stuff?”

“I really don’t keep up with him. I don’t want to disappoint anyone out there on The Post — Joe usually tells me what’s going on,” said Ekman.

Buck interjects, saying he’s sending “ramp notes” to Aikman on the stories.

“But I think my response to that was fun to see what’s going on,” Ekman said. “There has been a lot of movement and discussions over the past couple of years. It has completely turned into a business [Post columnist] Andrew Marchand.

The idea that, after retiring from football, Tom Brady would replace Aikman at Fox, was not at the forefront of his mind.

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck arrived at the ESPN campus on Monday.
Troy Aikman and Joe Buck arrived at the ESPN campus on Monday.

“For Tom, it’s not something I thought he’d do, but I think it would be cool,” said Aikman. “I have a great relationship with Tom, and I love when we call him his games. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him more since he went to Tampa at the NFC. I think he’d be great and it was a great hire,” said Aikman.

“I was just as surprised as everyone else, and I’m in this game with the broadcasters movement,” Buck said.

He marveled at how quickly things have changed in the sports media in a relatively short period of time: “Someone said to me the other day, ‘We as fans need someone to tell us where all these sports broadcasters end up. “

“Everyone has shifted and moved in. Amazon is involved. They have a great team. My dad passed 20 years ago, and I think he would be stunned if he got out of the grave now and said, ‘Wow! That’s what happens in this business?

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck in a media announcement about joining ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’

It goes back to supply and demand and the existence of a known quantity. As much as I wanted to work with Troy, and continue that relationship, I think that’s what ESPN liked. If I can speak for them, they’ll have a booth that knows what they’re going to get when Opening Day comes around in Seattle.”

He was far from believing that Brady would excel in the cab after his best ever career on the court.

“As far as Brady, would anyone ever bet the guy would be great at anything? It’s kind of a market trapping at that. But it’s a new thing and with new opportunities come new responsibilities. I think it’s going to be a steep learning curve, and I think it’s going to be great. I lean To the root of all. I really feel so happy for him.”

Later on the call, Ekman was asked about the biggest obstacles to becoming a great broadcaster. He said that knowing football is important, but that elements such as an understanding of television and timing are more important for the role.

Tom Brady will join the Fox Sports winger after his retirement
Tom Brady will join the Fox Sports winger after his retirement
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Ekman said working alongside talented behind-the-scenes producers and directors is also critical, and that there are former athletes who failed to broadcast and could have succeeded if they were paired with better off-air workers.

“For Tom, I have nothing but respect for him,” Ekman said. “He’s won everything he’s done in life and there’s no reason not to either. The reason I think he’ll be good is because he’ll work. The reason he’s played as long as he’s played, won seven Super Bowls, is because he doesn’t take any shortcuts. And he won’t be involved. in broadcasting.

Regarding Fox’s departure, Aikman said that throughout last season, he didn’t think this would be his last year there.

He explained that most of his conversations were “centered” on the division of time Between “Friday Night Football” on Amazon and Sunday afternoons on Fox, but there was finally a delay on how many games he could make. Ultimately, ESPN got involved in the negotiations.

“It was an opportunity that was the perfect fit for me in the end,” Aikman said of joining ESPN, noting that he would still get post-season games and the Super Bowls. “But I didn’t think that would even be a possibility until right after the Super Bowl.”

Buck mentioned that he and Fox had an amicable split after the network let him off the final year of his contract to join Aikman on ESPN.

Buck was excited about his successors, Kevin Burkhardt and Joe Davis, who would eventually replace him with the invitation to the Super Bowl and World Series on Fox.

He said talks about the split took “maybe a month” – and that Fox understood how much he wanted to join ESPN not just for professional reasons, but personal as well.

“It was very convenient in my life, to be selfish and personal about it,” Buck said. “But, to have a wife [Michelle Beisner-Buck] Who has worked here for 7-8 years, has two young boys at home, just simplifying and cutting things out in my life made a lot of sense. And to come to ‘Football on Monday Night,’ and do it with a known quantity in Troy, it made perfect sense in the world.”


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