Kansas City Chiefs Jersey Numbers: The team releases numbers for each player

The Kansas City Chiefs get it now Update their official listing page on Mothership. For the first time this season, it lists numbers for each player in the current roster of 90 players.

As is often the case at this time of year, there are some duplicate numbers. The team usually takes care of making sure that there are no duplicates in the offensive and defensive units – this is the case at the moment. It is not entirely known that players will wear different numbers in training than shown on the official team roster page.

And as always…the new team update is only the numbers that the players are wearing right Now. When you crop the list, some players will change to different numbers.

So here are the numbers the chiefs say their players wear now – in alphabetical and numerical order. In a few cases, the announced numbers for new players have been changed. The old number is shown in parentheses.

List of presidents (alphabetical)

player POS number
Nick Gritti J 73
Zayn Anderson s 39
Dender Baker CB 30
luke barco DB 31
Omar Bellis WR 85
Blake Bell TE 81
Nick Bolton pound 32
DiCaprio Bottle CB 2
Cortez Proton DT 79
Orlando Brown Jr. T 57
Shane Boyshell QB 6
Michael Burton FB 45
Dion Bush s 26
Matt Bushman TE 89
Harrison Poetker K 7
Chillick Calhoun pound 92
Mike Calendo J 66
Jermaine Carter pound 53
Liu Chanal pound 54 (49)
Jeron Christian T 74
Frank Clark DE 55
Jack Cochrane pound 43
Corey Coleman WR 1
Brian Cook s 6
Dustin Karam QB 13
Branden Dandridge DB 34
Michael Dana DE 51
Geryon Eli RB 29
Austin Edwards DE 97
Clyde Edwards Hillier RB 25
Rashad Fenton CB 27
Taeyeon Fleet Davis RB 31
Judy Fortson TE 88
Doris Fountain WR 82
Jordan Franks TE 46
Willie Jay Jr. pound 50
Chris Glaser J 69
Josh Gordon WR 12
Derek Gor RB 40
Noah Gray TE 83
Nasser Jarir DB 40
Vitaly Gorman T 76
Mikol Hardman WR 17
Darius Harris pound 47
Chad Henny QB 4
herring owner DE 94
Creed Humphrey c 52
Gary Jennings WR 23
Lonnie Johnson CB 1 (32)
Nazih Johnson s 13
Roderick Johnson T 71
Chris Jones DT 95
Ronald Jones RB 2
Joshua Kendo DE 59
George Karlavtis DE 56
Travis Kelsey TE 87
Devon Key s 42
Darian Kennard T 75
Elijah Lee pound 44
Patrick Mahomes QB 15th
Trent McDuffy CB 21
Sky More WR 24
Lucas Niang T 67
Derek Nadi DT 91
Kehinde Eugenie DE 67
Ischia Pacheco RB 10
Cornell Powell WR 14
Justin Reed s 20
Austin Reiter c 61
Mike Rose pound 48
Justin Ross WR 8
Calin Saunders DT 99
Matthew Sexton WR 5
Trey Smith J 65
jojo smith schuster WR 9
by Garros Snead CB 38
Taylor Stallworth DT 90
Juan Thornhill s 22
Joe Thune J 62
Tommy Townsend s 5
Marquis Valdes-Scantling WR 11
Marc Vital TE 80
Prince Teja Wanugu T 70
Jaylene Watson CB 35
Justin Watson WR 84
Turshon Wharton DT 98
Daryl Williams c 64
Joshua Williams CB 23
James Winchester LS 41
Andrew Willie J 77

List of presidents (numeric)

number player POS
1 Corey Coleman WR
1 Lonnie Johnson CB
2 DiCaprio Bottle CB
2 Ronald Jones RB
4 Chad Henny QB
5 Matthew Sexton WR
5 Tommy Townsend s
6 Shane Boyshell QB
6 Brian Cook s
7 Harrison Poetker K
8 Justin Ross WR
9 jojo smith schuster WR
10 Ischia Pacheco RB
11 Marquis Valdes-Scantling WR
12 Josh Gordon WR
13 Dustin Karam QB
13 Nazih Johnson s
14 Cornell Powell WR
15th Patrick Mahomes QB
17 Mikol Hardman WR
20 Justin Reed s
21 Trent McDuffy CB
22 Juan Thornhill s
23 Gary Jennings WR
23 Joshua Williams CB
24 Sky More WR
25 Clyde Edwards Hillier RB
26 Dion Bush s
27 Rashad Fenton CB
29 Geryon Eli RB
30 Dender Baker CB
31 luke barco DB
31 Taeyeon Fleet Davis RB
32 Nick Bolton pound
34 Branden Dandridge DB
35 Jaylene Watson CB
38 by Garros Snead CB
39 Zayn Anderson s
40 Derek Gor RB
40 Nasser Jarir DB
41 James Winchester LS
42 Devon Key s
43 Jack Cochrane pound
44 Elijah Lee pound
45 Michael Burton FB
46 Jordan Franks TE
47 Darius Harris pound
48 Mike Rose pound
50 Willie Jay Jr. pound
51 Michael Dana DE
52 Creed Humphrey c
53 Jermaine Carter pound
54 Liu Chanal pound
55 Frank Clark DE
56 George Karlavtis DE
57 Orlando Brown Jr. T
59 Joshua Kendo DE
61 Austin Reiter c
62 Joe Thune J
64 Daryl Williams c
65 Trey Smith J
66 Mike Calendo J
67 Lucas Niang T
67 Kehinde Eugenie DE
69 Chris Glaser J
70 Prince Teja Wanugu T
71 Roderick Johnson T
73 Nick Gritti J
74 Jeron Christian T
75 Darian Kennard T
76 Vitaly Gorman T
77 Andrew Willie J
79 Cortez Proton DT
80 Marc Vital TE
81 Blake Bell TE
82 Doris Fountain WR
83 Noah Gray TE
84 Justin Watson WR
85 Omar Bellis WR
87 Travis Kelsey TE
88 Judy Fortson TE
89 Matt Bushman TE
90 Taylor Stallworth DT
91 Derek Nadi DT
92 Chillick Calhoun pound
94 herring owner DE
95 Chris Jones DT
97 Austin Edwards DE
98 Turshon Wharton DT
99 Calin Saunders DT

As the season begins to reveal, we will do our best to track shirt number changes Our Chiefs List Pagewhich is updated after each personnel change – and also includes the maximum salary information for each player.

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