Konami’s Silent Hill Plans Could Include a Remake, Full Sequel, and Episodic Stories

Several Silent Hill projects are currently in development at studios around the world, sources told VGC, and could include a remake, a full sequel, and a story-driven episodic series.

Last week, a collection of leaked concept images emerged to confirm that a new silent hill is or was in development. This followed a VGC story from last Februaryin which we pointed out that Konami planned to revive the long-dormant horror game series.

Now, details are emerging on what some of those projects might look like. As first mentioned by the influencer NateLaHaine and journalist Jeff Grubbone of the titles in development could be a remake of Silent Hill 2, the fan-favorite game from 2001.

This matches what VGC has heard from our own sources. It is claimed that the remake will feature reworked AI, animations, puzzles, and several new endings, and will potentially release as a timed exclusive on PlayStation brackets.

The way studio has been consistently linked to the Silent Hill franchise over the past 18 months. Last year, the Polish developer announced a “strategic cooperation agreement” with Konamimonths later blooper‘s CEO claimed it was working on an existing horror IP of “a very famous game publisher”.

Composer of Silent Hill Akira Yamaoka even worked on Bloober’s 2021 track The Medium and teased his next game project stating that it was “the one you were hoping to hear about”.

Bloober Team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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But like VGC and insiders previously reported, we understand that Konami has been actively discussing with several developers the relaunch of the Silent Hill IP, across multiple games.

One of these projects is intended to be a smaller, episodic “short story” series, we were told. Sources have previously indicated that studio Until Dawn Supermassive had previously been involved in talks for such a project, which eventually evolved into its Dark Pictures games.

A new name that two people independently gave to VGC was Annapurna Interactivethe acclaimed publisher behind games such as Wild Hearts of Sayonara, Outer Wildlands and Telling Lies, who they believe may be involved in the “stories” project.

However, they said that many studios had been involved in pitches for Silent Hill, and it’s possible that Annapurna was just involved in one of those talks rather than a project that was finally greenlit.

VGC has contacted Annapurna to comment on this story.

Konami's Silent Hill Plans Could Include a Remake, Full Sequel, and Episodic Stories
The Bloober team is supposed to be working on Silent Hill.

Finally, VGC has been informed that Konami is planning to release a new main entry in the Silent Hill series. It’s unclear who’s leading the way, but VGC reported last year that a Japanese studio was working on a Silent Hill project.

The footage leaked last week is said to be related to a PT-style teaser game, codenamed “Sakura”, which is intended to be released as a free digital title to build anticipation for larger projects.

VGC reported for the first time on Konami’s plans to ramp up development of its premium games last year, with new installments and remakes for its biggest franchises, including Metal Gear and Castlevania.

It’s possible that Konami will showcase some of the games at major shows this year. We understand that the company had planned to announce projects last year, before it got out of E3 2021 due to what he called “timing” issues.

At the time, Konami confirmed that it had “a number of key projects” in the works.