Lions schedule: very early game-by-game predictions

It’s time again for the very early ‘timeline game’. You know how it goes. We get Detroit Lions schedule finished Hence it is a requirement that we go through and expect wins and losses for each game. It’s a time-honoured staple in sports radio and fandom!

I have a slightly different process than most people do in doing this. I actually go through each game three times. I estimate the best possible result for the Lions, the worst possible result, and then which one is more likely given the opponent and my general feeling for this team in 2022.

In this An accurate prediction piece in 2021the Lions finished 5-12.

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Last year, the Eagles Lions delivered one of the worst blows in franchise history. Philadelphia defeated Detroit 44-6 and ran more yards than the Lions earned on aggregate. This embarrassing effort led to the end of Anthony Lane’s era as Lions Offensive Coordinator.

The Eagles are still talented and a good challenge to open the season. With so many Detroit key pieces still in undetermined health, it’s hard to anticipate a victory for revenge.

prediction: loss (0-1)

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Washington has a new title and a new quarterback in Carson Wentz. There is not enough threat to bring down the lions on Ford Field.

prediction: win (1-1)

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The Lions beat the Vikings in the second meeting of 2021 and would have won the previous game in Minnesota if not for Greg Joseph’s two longest field goal attempts in his NFL career in the fourth quarter, including a 54-yard derby as the time ended the Vikings won.

I know black is better than it was a year ago. New order in Minnesota, Vikings exiting a Monday night football battle in Philadelphia, plenty of questions about the opponent in the trenches — it’s a viable chance for Detroit to win on the road.

prediction: win (2-1)

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Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner are gone, essentially transforming the Seahawks from a perennial contender to one of the slimmest rosters in the entire league. However, it is important to note that the Seahawks commented 51 points on these Lions in Week 17 last year. Lions must be self-confident, but don’t count those eggs until they hatch…

prediction: win (3-1)

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Understandably, Lions fans want revenge on old coach Matt Patricia, now the Patriots coach. It won’t be easy in New England, where the defense still manages to be very good outside of a bad LB side.

prediction: loss (3-2)

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The Lions comes into farewell week in what certainly looks like a potential disappointment game for Dallas. They’ve been playing for the Rams and Eagles the previous two weeks, and arguably the toughest patch on the Cowboys’ schedule all year. However, the Dallas defense reliably creates turnarounds, and this is great medicine for such situations.

prediction: loss (3-3)

The Dolphins have a lot of talent in many positions, but their midfield and attack are major question marks. Lions match up well with Miami’s obvious shortcomings as long as they can handle the speed of a dolphin’s attack.

prediction: win (4-3)

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Look, I’d like to announce that the Packers are on the cusp of a decline and that the tacky lions could rock their world inside Ford Field. But until the departure of that number 12 man in Green Bay, that sentiment is just an aspiration. Green Bay’s defense is pretty good on paper, too.

prediction: loss (4-4)

The Lions have won only one of their last eight matches against the Bears. While this Chicago team appears to be inferior to any of those previous units, they still aren’t a “fixture” for the unproven Lions.

prediction: Loss (4-5)

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Old friend Kenny Goladay will try to beat his former team, but the Lions hold quite a few head-to-head positions against New York. This game feels like it’s all about the strength of Detroit’s offensive line against the giants’ heavy defense at the front.

prediction: win (5-5)

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It’s Thanksgiving! The only chance for most of the rest of America to see lions. Detroit welcomes the worst potential opponent on the schedule to Ford Field at Josh Allen and the Bills. Deep sigh.

prediction: Loss (5-6)

Matt Pendleton USA Today Sports

Just because the Jaguars finished with the worst record in the NFL for two consecutive years doesn’t automatically guarantee a Lions victory here. Detroit has a better team overall, but the Lions have to play a full game. The extra rest from the Thanksgiving game helps.

prediction: win (6-6)

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Can lions win this game? definitely. And if they are relatively healthy, the Lions can probably expect to win it. But this is one of those games where it has to happen and what will happen just doesn’t feel like it matches up well.

prediction: Loss (6-7)

Jets fans feel about their team just as much as Lions fans do in Detroit. There is a real sense that the years of incompetence are coming to an end, but they need to see some actual results before they really believe. A look at their roster reveals that they are indeed the “AFC Lions” – promising youngsters with an energetic coach but a few weaknesses. Give a nod to the home team in what could be bad weather in December against the onslaught of lions designed to play indoors.

prediction: loss (6-8)

There are credible scenarios where the Panthers have already changed training by this point. There are also viable scenarios where Carolina is the surprise sweetheart of the NFC, especially if they even get to play replacement-level quarterback from Sam Darnold or rookie Matt Corral. Their roster includes more than a few players that Lions fans have openly requested in recent drafts. Outside road victories in December are not easy for Detroit.

prediction: loss (6-9)

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Here I’ll play to the intuition that the Lions are giving Ford Field members to the final home game of the 2022 season. It should be a show that ensures Detroit finishes outside of last place in the NFC North as well.

prediction: win (7-9)

The season ends with a trip to Lambeau Field in January against the potentially playable Packers in the post-season. There is a chance that this will be the last home game that Aaron Rodgers plays in Green Bay as well. A difficult request for lions, but not impossible.

prediction: loss (7-10)


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