Matt Eberflus Better Bone Up on His Weak Letters and Other Bear Bullets

Getting four Game 7s over the weekend was fun. Do I wish the Bulls or the Blackhawks were involved in some way? definitely. But being neutral and watching four playoffs is much healthier for your heart, soul, and blood pressure.

• If the Bears first-year coach, Matt Eberfels, wants to play the underdog this season, he’ll be able to do it out of the gates. While browsing the DraftKings sportsbook app, I noticed that the site actually had streaks very early from the first week. Chicago Underdog 6.5 points*at home* Against the 49ers. A total of 42.5 points is restricted to the lowest level in the first week games. If you’re curious about what the general public feels about bears, feel as if a domestic dog with a score of 6.5 in a low-score game tells us everything we need to know.

• Would it make you feel better if you stressed that bears are not alone in being vulnerable in the house in the first week? David Bordom (ESPNEntries into that inaugural week will feature a record number of local teams that will not be favourites. The Texans, the Jets, the Falcons, the Panthers, the Lions, the Cardinals, the Vikings, the Cowboys, and the Seahawks are all underdogs at home in their cover-ups. The first set of games may be unexpected. I wonder if any of those lines will change between now and when the matches kick off in four months’ time.

• That probably isn’t much consolation, but it looks like Eberflus could use many variations of whatever underdog rah-rah rhetoric has up his sleeve this year:

• We can also put this in perspective of someone who is not betting on games. The Bears played seven games against six teams that participated in last year’s playoffs. In addition to playing the Packers twice, the Bears get home games against the Niners, Eagles, and Bills, as well as road shows against the Patriots and Cowboys. Chicago also has games against Miami (it had a winning record last year) and Washington (only one season was eliminated from the playoffs). There is some stiff competition in front of the bears. Ideally, Chicago’s clean slates would help drive a more consistent and competitive effort.

• A nugget of Chris Emma (670 score), which indicates that Bears’ 14th week comes as late as possible under NFL rules. Not sure if this is a bad hit. On the other hand, we’re looking at a team that plays 13 games in a row from street-jumping with no breaks. The new system may prefer an early goodbye to correct some things that don’t go according to plan. But on the other hand, this may be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps playing through any growing pains will do wonders towards testing the bears’ mettle.

• On the bright side of all this scheduling chaos, here’s a fun fact: Bears don’t play a road game in December and are on the road only once during the last six weeks of the regular season. December could be more exciting than we would have otherwise expected.

• In addition to that first-week showdown against the 49ers that gave us the Justin Fields-Tree Lance encounter, it could also be the first of three games between the QBs in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft against each other. Chicago also gets Mac Jones (week 7) and Zach Wilson (week 12).

• Possibly one of the players who enjoys all this is James O’Shaughnessy. The Naperville North and Illinois Stat producer will play for his hometown team. It’s a sentence you write in a children’s book. O’Shaughnessy told the Tribune. Between coming home for the tight end and his relationships with new Bears GM Ryan Poles (who was in the front office of Kansas City when they drafted O’Shaughnessey in 2015), there have been extensive ties that drag him to Chicago. And I imagine the path to playtime (which has become much clearer with the departure of Jesper Hursted) helps things out.

• New Orleans got a discount in her hometown with Jarvis Landry:

Landry’s signing of this deal with the Bears would have put me over the moon. But Chicago is not New Orleans. Therefore, this will not be available to Bears. Landry’s deal with the Saints is basically a pillow contract. It’s an easy landing for Andre to re-establish himself before hitting free agency again next year. If Landry can turn back the clock and perform as he did before, he will receive a payout the following season. And hey, the bears could still be in the market for a receiver (or two…or three?) by the time next March comes around.

• Elsewhere in the Big Easy, Saints coach Dennis Allen has stopped rumors Drew Press is back To New Orleans:

• It would be a shout-out if Bryce returns to football…in the playing ability…of the fan-controlled soccer league. do not laugh. This start-up organization includes Pro Football Hall of Fame Terrell Owens and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manzel. Bryce wouldn’t surprise me, tossing it out for comedy in that league (mostly because football teaches me not to be surprised by anything anymore).

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• I’ll admit it – it was great to see the homecoming feature of Albert Pujols St. Louis Cozy look on Sunday baseball night.

• So was this (unless you’re a fan of Reds):

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