Midweek warm-up: Bayern Munich is exactly what we thought it would be; How did Bayern Munich beat Joao Cancelo over Barcelona? DFB-Pokal Predictor; Niko Kovac overshadows Bayern Munich; taking it back to the 2000 hit “Opticon”; and more!

Let’s get this out of the way – Bayern Munich great team.

Bayern Munich is a fantastically run organization with a brilliant coach and a talented roster… So why can’t the team win now?

It’s a great question, but the answer lies in a lot of information we already know:

  • There is no world class striker: When Robert Lewandowski left F.C.BThere were three options to take on his role: Sadio Mane, Thomas Muller and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting – none of them were ideal. Mané and Müller are both unsuited to this role and do their best work in other capacities. As for Choupo-Moting…he’s not that guy. There was some hope that using a 4-2-2-2 would ease some of the load in this situation, but Julian Nagelsmann has moved on from this formation. Perhaps more than most other powerhouses, Bayern Munich needs this big of a threat as a centre-forward. The notion that the team could ride Choupo-Moting into ninth place next season is troubling.
  • Coach likes himself some tinkering: With all of his good qualities (and there are many), Nagelsmann can’t help himself sometimes. He just can’t. His inclination or adjustment in formations, formations, tactics, etc. often results in choppy play and an apparent lack of cohesion. I don’t necessarily disagree with Nagelsmann’s way of thinking that players should be able to adapt seamlessly to playing in different formations, roles, or with different teammates… however, reality has proven not to be so easy with this group.
  • Too many good players is hard to deal with – maybe too hard: So far, Mueller has lost his first job, Ryan Gravenberch is unhappy, and having four (maybe five if Mathis Tal continues to develop) has prevented his attacking chemistry from fully realizing its potential. Sporting director Hasan “Brazo” Salihamidžić has done a great job of assembling and mostly retaining talent, but there was likely no need to bring back both Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry if the club were to add both Mané and Tel. This doesn’t even count the fact that Jamal Musiala could be the best winger in the team (Nagelsmann’s recent refusal to use Musiala on the wing is baffling).
  • The team is developing young talents, but most of them play the same position: With Musiala and Müller already firmly established and the No. 10 in the squad, word broke that the coaching staff were also looking at Gravenberch as an attacking midfielder as well. Paul Waner? Arejun Ibrahimovic? Malik Tillman? Gabriel Vidovic? They are all at their best while playing the 10th. It is unlikely that any of them would get a first-team appearance at Bayern Munich, which was essential to increase their value. It’s a very difficult place for the coaching staff and the club to be in with some very good talent.

These are truly football problems that only the best clubs can face, and despite the greatness of the club, all of the above points result in a flawed final product on the field. These are not insurmountable shortcomings, but they do require work, specific roles, a new attacker, and some fortitude.

Can this version of Bayern Munich achieve all its goals? Maybe, but it won’t be easy.

Fans should have confidence that this will improve, but tempered expectations may be in order. There is no crisis, but the Bundesliga is better, the DFB-Pokal could be a draw, and Champions League He has some incredibly strong competition.

There won’t be any road trips ahead and some major roster changes could be on the horizon for this summer.

Midweek song: Orgy’s “Opticon.”

Perhaps best known for their cover of “Blue Monday,” Orgy released this gem in 2000 (GAH!), which served as their view of where the world was headed in the dawn of the internet that really took over the world.

If you have a strong memory, you can remember this from the unknown horror flick, St. Valentine’s dayStarring Denise Richards (the 2000 version was definitely my favourite) and Philadelphia boy David Boreanaz.


Bayern Munich She gave her audience a head start on the work week, eh?

Having been knocked out by another draw over the weekend – this time against Eintracht Frankfurt – the club made a move in their favour Manchester cityJoao Cancelo shakes things up on the back line… but why?

There could be a range of reasons and we are exploring them all! Let’s take a look at what we have in click for this episode:

  • Bayern’s loan move to Cancelo, why it was done, who it affects and why this could mean the end of the road for Benjamin Pavard.
  • A look at Bayern Munich’s draw against Eintracht Frankfurt and why things must ultimately settle into a players’ comfort zone. Is it time for the team to expel Paris Saint-Germain? we will see.
  • Overview of the German Bayern Munich match against Mainz 05.

Union more dangerous than Bayern?

Wolfsburg coach Niko Kovac saw his hot streak come to an end over the weekend against Werder Bremen of all clubs, but that didn’t stop him from throwing a little shade at his old club.

“It’s the toughest opponent we can face. I think it’s easier to play in Munich than in Berlin at the moment,” said Kovac. @employee).

He might be telling the truth in the moment, but you know he might have been enjoying saying it a little bit.

How Bayern Munich defeated Cancelo over Barcelona

According to Sport1’s Kerry Howe, Bayern Munich’s great advantage over Barcelona is in the acquisition of Joao Cancelo from Manchester city His position in the Champions League was:

Both Bayern and Barcelona were in contact with Joao Cancelo and his agent Jorge Mendes over the weekend. The decisive advantage for Bayern was the Champions League, which is why Cancelo did not take long to decide to move to Munich.

It’s as if, after losing Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona, ​​the Bavarians were on a revenge mission for ruining Barcelona’s 2022/23 campaign – and it’s working.

Bavarian podcast business: The Warm Weekend Podcast, Season 2, Episode 29

Bayern Munich Squabbling… BFW Podcast Gets Beaten Like Joe Pesci Walks That Room In Good guys…A lot of news going on.

In addition, Bayern Munich has another match in the crowded schedule – this time against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Yes, there is a lot going on, but we cover it all here! preview? yes. Are you making fun of the news? no doubt. Some entertaining talk? Definitely. Here’s our click for this episode:

  • Overview of the Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt match.
  • There appears to be a change of heart about Leon Goretzka – and will Ryan Gravenberch take over Goretzka’s starting role?
  • F.C.B He tried to hijack the Bayern Munich deal for Konrad Leimer and word that Marcel Sabitzer might want to stay (or Maybe not).
  • Chelsea Football ClubKai Havertz W Tottenham HotspurHarry Kane is likely to be off the table for Bayern Munich.
  • Bayern Munich’s attack plan and why it’s a mess.
  • Some thoughts on the last episode of The last of us – And some news about the future Cobra Kai.


There are plenty of reasons to believe Bayern will come and struggle again, but at some point the players have to take control and control the game. There’s just too much talent to keep letting bad results happen – and yes, those last two draws weren’t good, but they didn’t signal “Judgment Day” either.

Mainz 05 is no easy task, but Bayern Munich must be able to dictate how this game is played, what the tempo is, and they must do so without suffering too much damage.

However, if Mainz 05 can pull off a Holstein Kiel, I think it’s time to knock some cages in the locker room.

prediction: Mainz 05 1-3 Bayern Munich

prediction logs

  • Overall Bundesliga record: 82-80
  • DFL-Supercup Record: 1-0
  • DFB-Pokal Record: 2-0
  • Champions League Record: 5-1
  • World Cup overall record: 38-25
  • WWU Public Record: 128-106
  • Guest expectations: 7-5

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