Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Developer Asks People To Stop Calling It ‘Smash Killer’

Nickelodeon Smash Killer

“[Blank] Killer” is often misused or a tired meme

The “Nickelodeon To break The “killer” meme has been raging ever since Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was announced (comparing star brawl for Super Smash Bros.), but a developer asked the fanbase to calm down a bit.

Character designer and programmer Thaddeus Crews took to Twitter to share the following statement:

“Some videos/comments/etc are doing the ‘Smash killer’ shtick again…I’d really rather you didn’t…I’d really, REALLY prefer any other joke or punch bag or anything that doesn’t. don’t have the kind of tried-and-true track record of instigating conflict as a result of this branding. I can’t stop anyone from making these jokes and they don’t personally bother me. It’s clearly amusing to the overwhelming majority people and it’s “clickbaity” to an absurd degree; I get it, and in a vacuum, it’s absolutely hilarious… But the ramifications aren’t in a vacuum. There’s no real way not to pass for a buzzkill addressing this, but the image this type of post creates has been so profoundly harmful to a degree that I can’t just sit back and watch this happen again… I strongly encourage finding hyperbolic nonsense statements elsewhere .

In short, they don’t like all the conflict that comes from this fan-forced “Nickelodeon.” To break “Killer” comparison (jokingly or not), often propagated by creators of content for fighting games: who admit it in Twitter replies. The call has gone surprisingly well so far, with many content creators responding alike, noting that they will refrain from using the phrase/meme in the future with regards to this particular project (it certainly won’t be the last we see of this!).

At close range, the nickname “killer” has been a tired expression for as long as I can remember. having played World of Warcraft since its pre-launch phase, I’ve seen so many MMOs come and go, with fans ardently attaching the “wow Killer” title to them in an effort to help them succeed and take down the established industry titan: disregarding a world where they can co-exist. These types of flat-out campaigns are really easy to understand and lost some of their luster in the early 2010s, but they persist to this day.

It’s refreshing to see a developer go head first, as some in the past have sadly leaned into this hubris: which hasn’t aged particularly well.

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