Rising Vikings has a promising future

After recording 23 total tackles in 2019, OU midfielder Brian Asamoah made his debut. Syndicate: Oklahomaman.

The Vikings made many great recruiting choices this year. Although many experts gave them a medium to poor score compared to other NFL teams. However, at first glance, they found themselves many good players.

Some of those people are the obvious ones, like Louis Seni and Andrew Booth Jr. Although there are quite a few others who might have a great time playing this year, like Ed Ingram and Brian Asamoah. Asamoah is my choice to be one of those recruiting stealers.

When watching Asamoah play football, one thing is clear. he is Fast. Honestly, the only reason he fell to the Vikings in the third round was because he was a little lighter than ideal. However, none of that should matter when the Vikings take to the field in September.

Vikings follow Andrew Booth Beck with attack and defense
March 5, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Oklahoma linebacker Brian Asamoah. Mandatory credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports.

He is the most promising young full-back in our team. The way he plays the game is light years before guys like Chazz Surratt. In fact, if Eric Kendricks is released next year, it may be because his hat is hit, but Asamoah’s ingenuity will certainly play a part in that.

The collapse of the movie Asamoah

Well, maybe Asamoah’s next announcement about Eric Kendricks is a bit premature. The guy hasn’t even played a game of melee in the NFL yet. However, that shouldn’t stop you from overdoing it.

Here are the highlights:

  1. He is quick to diagnose the play. There are several occasions where you can see Asamoah being the first urgent defender to respond to where the play is going. It’s so quick to diagnose that it often blows up an end game or choice.
  2. It’s lightning fast. Speaking of blasting cucumber plays, this guy flies behind. There is one play in which not only does she force the floor, but then he runs to the back. This is no accident either. He is consistent in going to the sidelines to sideline the chase of those extended plays.
  3. He’s great at finding his way through traffic. This should come as no surprise given the first two points. He can track the ball well and then use his speed and speed to maneuver his way around the linemen.
  4. His hips are fluid. This is a trait you often look for in backing corners. It’s vital when you’re in pass coverage because you need to be able to flip your hips without losing speed or balance to keep up with the receiver. Well, Asamoah checked that box too, so seeing him cover players in the middle of the field will become a common occurrence.

Well, that’s enough about how awesome it is. He fell in the third round for a reason and we have to discuss those points as well.

Low beams:

  1. it is so tiny. One of his biggest hits is that he’s small. A weight of just 226 in the NFL as a quarterback would be a challenge.
  2. Linen workers eat it. Because of its size, if a calligrapher lays his hands on him he is called asamoah. At the NFL level, he will be competing against much more athletic men than at the college level. He will have to learn to stack and discard before he can be effective and shut down his running game.
  3. Asamoah relies on his speed a lot. This can be seen by some of the angles it takes. Everyone is much faster in the NFL. He will need to improve his technique.

How does it fit into the Vikings’ long-term plans?

Besides his weight and power in play, Asamoah is a modern quarterback. He is a real marginal player in the margins. The guy is this fast guy. He sees what the play is and is in immediate attack mode. Because of these traits, you should be less concerned about his weight.

The best part is that he’s probably the obvious heir to Eric Kendricks. He’s really perfect, because he and Kendricks are very similar in stature. Kendricks stands at 6’0″ and 232 pounds while the Asamoah comes in at 6’0″ and 226 pounds.

They are basically identical. If Asamoah can develop in the same way as Kendricks, we could have another All-Pro linebacker for the next 10 years. You know what, I’ll announce it.

Asamoah would be a professional player during his first four years in the NFL. Feel free to save this and toast the cooler if that doesn’t work out.

Mitch Massman is a lifelong Vikings fan. His first heartbreak was the 1998 NFC Championship match. His full-time job is as an economic development specialist in rural Minnesota. He imagines the Vikings winning the Super Bowl one day, but until then he will be writing about the Vikings. Follow him on Twitter @skol_vikings3

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