Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 Pro could get some very premium upgrades to its glass and body

Upgrades should significantly improve tenacity

Samsung’s lineup of flagship phones has had a three-tier arrangement for years, with variations not only in size but also in features and, more importantly, price. This is very effective in that it helps meet the needs of a wider audience. So far, however, for its Galaxy Watch series, the company has only released two models each year – regular and classic, with the latter being the most expensive. But like information from last month shown, there will actually be a third ‘Pro’ variant this year which will be even more premium than the other two. While almost nothing was known about said watch back then, a new rumor sheds light on how it will build its hardware cache.


According to a seasoned tipster ice universe, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will feature sapphire glass on its screen, which is a harder material than Gorilla Glass and is therefore harder to scratch. The inclusion of sapphire, however, does not necessarily translate to better drop protection.

Moreover, the case of the watch would be made of titanium, which should not only reduce weight, but also improve overall durability.

This is the very first time since Samsung has used sapphire for the Galaxy Watch series, so it would be interesting to see how much more you’d have to shell out for the Watch5 Pro compared to the other two models. An indication of the price can perhaps be taken from Galaxy Watch3 Titanium from a few years ago at $600 or more contemporary Huawei Watch GT 3 Prowhich is expected to cost nearly $100 more than the more traditional Watch GT 3.

Other than that, there’s not much at hand about the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s hardware right now. We know from a certification website that it might sport a much larger battery – the kind that might even keep it running for a few days – but that’s about it.

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