Silent Hill 2 remake among several Silent Hill games in development

the unannounced Silent Hill game which appeared to leak last week is just one of many games in development based on the franchise, according to a report by Chronicle of video games. One of these projects would be a remake of Silent Hill 2the beloved PlayStation 2 horror game from 2001.

VGC cites several sources, as well as rumors of VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb and YouTuber Nate the hatein a report that says The way and Observer developer Bloober Team is tackling the remake of silent Hill 2. The remake would feature improvements, new puzzles, and several new endings, and could arrive as a timed PlayStation exclusive.

Konami also has a new main entry in the Silent Hill series in development, VGC says, and the leak last week was related to a PT-like teaser coming to promote this brand new game. VGC also says that other studios including Until dawn Supermassive Games studios and publisher Annapurna Interactive have been involved in the development or launch of Silent Hill projects.

Konami hasn’t released a new game in the franchise since 2012. Silent Hill: Book of Memoriesexcept for the playable teaser for silent hills which was formerly in development at Kojima Productions. In 2021, Konami announces partnership with Bloober Teamclaiming that the Polish developer was collaborating with Konami on “potential projects on our various IP addresses”.

the original Silent Hill 2 was developed by Konami’s Silent team, and the featured protagonist James Sunderland into a survival horror story of grief and guilt. Silent Hill 2 solidified the visual design of the series by introducing iconic monsters like pyramid head and Nurse Bubble Head, and features one of the most beloved and bizarre alternate endings in the franchise, featuring a shiba inu. Originally released on PS2, Silent Hill 2 was later ported to the original Xbox and Windows PC. It was featured in the Silent Hill HD Collection released in 2012, associated with silent hill 3.

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