Steve Curry’s own sermon, the Warriors were echoed in the win versus the Wizards

Stephen Curry’s words were honest, direct and necessary for the Warriors. He did not know the impact of Sunday’s sermon, but there was no doubt of his intention or determination to embody it.

One day after urging The Warriors play with more focusIntelligence and perseverance, Curry showed all three characteristics to achieve the desired result.

He scored a game-high 41 points, including 12 in the final seven minutes on Monday afternoon to get back on the team’s momentum. The Warriors prevailed, 127-118 above processors.

“It’s all it takes at this point,” Curry said on Warriors Postgame Live in the NBC Sports Bay Area, after Monday’s win. “For us to try and rectify the situation and get some good momentum, good energy around our team and an understanding of how to win games on the road.”

It was after the soul was drained 132-118 loss for the Bulls On a Sunday afternoon in Chicago, Curry took to the stage and urged himself and his teammates to get better. There was a tinge of frustration in his tone, but his mood expressed conviction with a hint of defiance.

In short: if we don’t take ourselves seriously, we’re not competitors.

The message is stuck. The Warriors brought the situation up to the Wizards’ chin when it mattered most, in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. Golden State defended intensely – with Draymond Green as a catalyst – while Curry and Green attacked.

“Steve and Draymond led the way,” said coach Steve Kerr. “Steve was incredible down the stretch with his shots, Draymond with his defense and his set-up. Everyone was fighting in the fourth quarter.”

Green’s 11 points, on 4-of-4 shooting, including two triple-points, represents a man on a mission. He was inspired by the mouth fan sitting near the bench, but he was the beneficiary of Curry’s presence.

“Teams will always help me out, so it was nice to see those two trios back off,” said Green. “They were all worried about Steve, so I got the open putt—putting the ball wide open—and then I dunked in the paint and dunked when I got fouled. That’s the weight that Steve carries.”

Aside from a two-minute stretch when Curry scored eight points, his first half was uneven. He scored 21 points largely because he was 9-of-10 from the streak. It was 5 of 13 from the field. It was Jordan Paul, with 26 first-half points on 10-of-13 shots from the field, including 5-of-8 from deep, that kept the Warriors from getting buried.

“JP really helped us stay in the game in the first half,” Kerr said. “And as Steve often did, he carried us home.”

Curry and the Warriors’ moment of clarity came with 9:31 remaining. The Wizards opened the fourth quarter with a 13-5 lead, taking a 106-98 lead. For Curry and Green, keenly aware of their 4- to 17-year track record on the road, it’s time to “go,” or the right time.

They choose the first. Taking the lead on a jumper back by Curry with 5:54 remaining, the Warriors closed in on a rally, defeating the Wizards 29-12 over the final 8:40. Golden State committed two turnovers, while Washington forced five.

“Draymond was unbelievable in the fourth quarter, two big 3s,” Curry said. “Jordan in the first half kept us alive with great minutes and hit some big shots up the stretch.

“Collectively, we had a little more composure, a little more intelligence about how to win, how to finish the game. And unwavering when they run.”

intelligence. Finishing ability. calm. For the final nine minutes, the Warriors followed Curry’s tirade from the day before. His words caught their ears — and his.

Despite their success to this day, falling behind a mediocre team and coming back for victory is not a sustainable equation.

“This was a huge win,” Kerr said. “When you’re .500, every win is a big win. But we know we have a very tough matchup coming to finish this journey.”

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The Celtics — whose 33-12 record is the best in the NBA — follow Thursday in Boston, followed by the Cavaliers (28-17) on Friday in Cleveland.

The Warriors can’t take away the energy they showed on Monday, but if their performance is enough to reinforce the point of Curry’s text. If they follow this consistently, they will give themselves a chance, regardless of the opponent.

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