I wondered a lot Tree LanceHis Preparation As the sophomore midfielder prepares to enter his first season as a rookie. The San Francisco 49ers move from Jimmy Garoppolo to Lance, however both remain on the roster despite the team’s efforts to trade the former.

The 49ers have confirmed that they are confident of the 22-year-old quarterback to enter the starting role. However, others have questioned this confidence, speculating that there may be some doubt in Lance’s progress from year one. Garoppolo’s stay with the team so far in the post-season has fueled a lot of that.

The truth is, Garoppolo might not have been on the list if he had been so healthy. Instead, the midfielder is recovering from shoulder surgery on March 8.

He joined Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young Rich Eisen Show on Monday and shared his thoughts on the narrative surrounding Lance.

“One thing everyone should understand about Trey is that he hasn’t played much football – in general,” Young told Eisen. “And a lot of the things I’ve discovered in college over the years are just teaching recipients and understanding what your arm can do. It’s just the things you discover [from] Reps and do it over and over.

“When they say he’s not ready, it’s because there’s not a lot of work he’s doing on the field. They see what’s out there on the field – amazing talent, amazing arm, all things, but there’s a lot of work in the middle. So when someone says What he is not ready, it is easy to say because he did not.”

Young, like 49ers fans, is eager to see if Lance has developed enough to anticipate his goals going along their paths, find open receivers, and get the football out of his hands on time. Young thinks Lance is capable of all of that. However, there is one concern on the mind of the analyst.

“Now, what worries me about him – but it’s still early, so I don’t know – is his sense of accuracy,” Young continued. “The sensation that my brain knows where to go with the ball, but my arms don’t necessarily cooperate.” And that’s the biggest problem…As we get into the Trey Lance issues, that’s the one I really want to focus on this summer and as he enters the fall, he plays… Because I think he has the ability to find the kind of extrovert, and the processing power to worry about. He has it. “

As Lance discovers it all, he is without one of his best offensive weapons. wide future Debo Samuel He is unlikely to join his teammates before the mandatory mini-camp in mid-June. There is even a chance that he will not be there at that time. News broke in April that Samuel had requested a trade. Aside from the recipient re-following the team on Instagram, nothing indicates that the relationship has improved.

“For my 49ers, I can’t think of a more valuable player in the league,” Young said. “If you have to pick someone to come in and play for the 49ers, I think the first most valuable player you can pick is Deebo, if he’s focused and in good shape. If Deebo is not focused and not in his physique, that’s another story.

“But for me, getting Debo in good shape and focusing on the 49ers with Trey Lance is vital, to say the least.”