Teachers fight plagiarism as 89% of students admit to using OpenAI’s ChatGPT for homework

Who knows who? GT Majority of students are already using ChatGPT for homework assignments, composing Challenges around plagiarismAnd cheat and learn. According to Christian Terwish, an MBA professor at Wharton, ChatGPT will get a “B or B-” on the Ivy League MBA Level Exam in Operations Management. Another professor at a Utah-based university asked ChatGPT … Read more

Take advantage of free AI tools to boost your business

Don’t be afraid of artificial intelligence. Instead, use it to gain a commercial advantage. This was a major theme emphasized by Marki Lemons Ryhal during her opening day keynote address at ASI Show Fort Worth on Tuesday, January 24th. Marky Lemon Rehall speaks about artificial intelligence at ASI Fort Worth. A 5th generation entrepreneur, public … Read more

GitHub launches co-pilot for business amid ongoing legal controversy

github has it announce Copilot for Business, a business plan for the Copilot coding assistant powered by OpenAI. This release follows a class action lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI for infringement of open source licenses. The co-pilot was made Generally available Back in July 2022. The tool is powered by an AI model OpenAI … Read more

Mark Cuban: Being successful with AI like ChatGPT requires asking the right questions

Anyone who has played with ChatGPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot making waves, knows something: what you get from it depends on what you ask – and how you phrase your question. According to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban – a longtime supporter of cutting-edge technical innovations from cryptography to artificial intelligence to video stream that gave … Read more

The “Lost” filmmaker talks about the twists and turns of Sony Pictures Teen Tech Thriller

Missing Reed Storm | Courtesy of Screen Gems Gems screen in Missing. The computer never gets away from the action as the audience tries to solve this clever problem with its ever-present gaze. Spinning left, moving right, at times with no human driving the narrative, the computer watches a story unfold itself as the protagonist. … Read more

The application of artificial intelligence in China is ahead of the United States

BEIJING, China – OCTOBER 13: A self-driving robotic taxi drives along a road on October 13, 2020 in … [+] Beijing, China. Baidu launched trial operations of its Apollo Robotaxi in Beijing on Saturday, and passengers can hail a self-driving robotaxe through a mobile app. (Photo by Jia Tianyong/China News Service via Getty Images) China … Read more