New York City’s rising art star will paint you for free

most days, Artist Adam Dresner He toils in his East Side apartment, creating intricate oil paintings, many of which fetch more than $10,000. Others, he drags his art cart, which he made himself, to Washington Square Park. In the chaos, he sets up a pop-up studio, complete with a tarp, striped umbrella, and sign, in … Read more

Guggenheim Foundation ‘Refuses’ to Return Picasso to Holocaust Survivors’ Heirs: Lawsuit

A Pablo Picasso painting valued today at up to $200 million was sold for a song by a Jewish couple desperate to flee the Nazis in 1938 — and now the heirs want it back from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Plot 1904 called “The Ironing Woman” (La repasseuse) It was given to the Guggenheim … Read more

What is AI image scraping, and how can artists fight back?

AI-generated art has been around for some time, but in the past year it has really taken over online. Despite concerns that artificial intelligence will outpace humans in other forms of “creativity” (see: ChatGPT’s Uninspired prose and “hideous” Songwriting in the style of Nick CaveVisual culture has largely borne the brunt of the bot uprising … Read more

A botanical artist documents the species on 8-meter scrolls to raise environmental awareness

A botanical artist committed to documenting plant species on 8-meter rolls of paper has raised tears abroad as she works to raise environmental awareness. Sharon Field, who has been creating art depicting Australia’s flora for over a decade, attracts species from across New South Wales and the world, including some that are endangered, threatened or … Read more

Discovery of the five figures in Ravi Varma’s first painting commissioned by DAG

The first commissioned painting by the modernist painter Raja Ravi Varma, Kizhakke Palat Krishna Menon and family | Image source: Delhi Art Gallery in an intimate space Delhi Art Gallery (DAG)Inside the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba, a historical painting has shone the spotlight. It is a family portrait done by India’s first modern … Read more

Wedding venue apologizes for alleged ‘Aboriginal massacre’ graphic

The Australian wedding venue, which caused an angry reaction online because of a painting hanging on its wall, has removed the artwork and apologized for any offense caused. Redleaf Wollombi, located in New South Wales’ scenic Hunter Valley, has come under intense fire after a wedding party was photographed smiling in front of the painting … Read more