The Fed and the markets are in a bind about raising interest rates

Washington – Sooner or later, Wall Street or the Federal Reserve will have to blink. After nearly a year of the Fed campaigning to crush inflation by raising interest rates at a blistering pace, investors still don’t quite believe what the Fed warns is coming next: higher rates through the end of the year, which … Read more

Two-fifths of older workers are “delaying retirement” because of inflation, markets

There’s a new survey out, and everything about it pisses me off. Retirement confidence is very low. Retirement anxiety is the way to go. Women in particular sacrifice their retirement plans to provide financial assistance to “family members” (adult children, presumably) or friends. Basic knowledge of retirement is minimal. Read: Boost your bank account by … Read more

Schultz is optimistic about the trade truce with the United States in the “first quarter of this year” – POLITICO

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz raised optimism on Sunday that the European Union and the United States could reach a trade truce in the coming months to prevent discrimination against European companies over US subsidies. Speaking at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron following a joint Franco-German cabinet meeting in Paris, Scholz said he … Read more

Inflation in perspective

What is inflation and how do we track it? In 2022, consumers have felt the effects of rising prices, and as much as experts simplify the definition of inflation, its causes remain complex and ever-moving. However, if we look back at other historical periods of inflation, we can see the combination of causes and what … Read more

Personal Finance: How a regular withdrawal plan might work for retirees

“In the annuity market, the amount remains fixed and so in the beginning, it may be a decent amount but as the years go by, the value of this money decreases. In this regard, we assume that the withdrawal will increase by 6% every year and this is also after taking into account the capital … Read more

The United States needs rapid growth: the Fed is against it

Speedy financial development solves issues. Gradual development causes them. China is making an attempt to speed up development once more after the Xi debacle COVID-related bugs Whereas the Federal Reserve raises rates of interest and places strain on the brakes to combat inflation. China’s dedication to development whereas the Fed goes in the other way … Read more