JONES: Patrick Mahomes’ legacy is growing as he guides the Chiefs to another Super Bowl

Kansas City, Missouri – Patrick Mahomes He will not let his team lose. Not this game – one step away from the Super Bowl. Not for this team – the same body Cincinnati Bengals who hit heads Three times in a row, including the AFC championship game last season, denying Kansas City the chance to … Read more

What is Q Collar, the device NFL players wear around their necks

(NEXSTAR) – If you’ve been watching any NFL games lately, you may have noticed that some players are wearing white (or in some cases black) horseshoe collars around their necks. But what are they? First of all, these collars are nothing new. Some players, like former Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, were wearing them as … Read more

NFL Postseason QB EPA Rankings: Brock Purdy ranks #1, Joe Burrow moves up fast

The four quarterbacks heading into the AFC and NFC Championship games enter this weekend playing at a collegiate historic level. It is the first time since 2007 that all four quarterbacks entered the conference tournament weekend with a postseason passer rating of 100.0 or higher in the given postseason. This might be a reasonable assumption … Read more

The Jets have long-range options if the top QB targets don’t work out

The Jets are in the market for a quarterback… again. This is the The third and final part in a series Exploring their options is inappropriate. Part three looks at some of the less likely options. The Jets are expected to be swinging for the fences in their pursuit of the new quarterback, but if … Read more

Tom Brady sent a salty text to former Patriots teammate Rob Ninkovich

Rob Ninkovic doesn’t seem to be in luck with Tom Brady. During a Friday session of ESPN’s “Keyshawn, JWill and Max” show, Ninkovich — a former Patriots linebacker who now works as an NFL analyst with ESPN — said he texted the Buccaneers’ quarterback after A season-ending loss for the Cowboys Its a wild ride, … Read more

New Nebraska coach Matt Rule on Deion Sanders, the Big Ten expansion, nothing and more

In a lengthy, candid interview with former Nebraska star Will Compton and Tennessee Titans Taylor Lewan, freshman Nebraska head football coach Matt Rule dives into a myriad of topics about his job rebuilding the Cornhuskers, preparing to take on Colorado’s Deon Sanders during the season’s opening weeks, Big Ten expansion and methods of name, image, … Read more

Fox’s Greg Olsen shines through the NFL playoffs while Tom Brady looms large on the horizon

1. “Fine. Seat me. But I’ll make it as hard as… for you to sit with me.” That was Fox NFL analyst Greg Olsen the SI Media podcast Just over a month ago when we talked about possibly replacing Tom Brady in the booth whenever the legendary quarterback retires. Two weeks into the NFL playoffs, … Read more

Joe Burrow of the Bengals, Fred Warner of the 49ers of the NFL

We’re on our way to the championship on Sunday after the Chiefs, Bengals, Eagles and 49ers moved up with wins in the divisional rounds this weekend. We’ve highlighted the best performances during the regular season and now the best efforts in the playoffs deserve our MMQB honors. Here are the divisional round positions: Gary Gramling: … Read more

Super Bowl play is now in play with the Giants’ improvement

MINNEAPOLIS – The Super Bowl is now playing as an accessible, honest-to-god target. If you’re a Giants fan, nothing sounds completely crazy and completely reasonable at the same time. It’s crazy because this franchise is supposed to be in the early hours of rebuilding with a rookie head coach and a roster that looks more … Read more