As California looks to more wildlife crossings, researchers say some animals may be afraid to use them

While Californians mourn the death of the famous P-22 Mountain Lion, work continues on Cross the huge bridge of wildlife in Los Angeles County that will connect two landscapes that are divided by one of the busiest highways in the country. Perhaps the lasting legacy of the cougar that was Capture and euthanasia By California … Read more

A Florida deputy fired after 9 whiskeys were found on the cruiser

Tampa, Florida (wfla) — A 32-year-old Florida sheriff’s deputy has been fired after he was discovered “mendacity on the bottom” behind the wheel of a cruiser the company launched final month “apparently intoxicated” with alcohol bottles strewn throughout his automobile. Based on paperwork obtained by Nexstar’s WFLA, 32-year-old Christopher Inexperienced, who has been with the … Read more