Too early 2022 Bingles loss predictions

We knew who Cincinnati Bengals They were playing this year and where, but when was a mystery – until now, that is. On Thursday night, the League revealed the 2022 schedule and presented a lot of interesting things to Who Dey Nation.

Cincinnati has five primetime games, three on the way, along with a really tough lineup of post-goodbye games. With all that in focus, it’s time to be irresponsible and anticipate a way too early to predict wins and losses.

week 1: Steelers in Bengals

Cincinnati begins his season with Douzet against their hot rivals. It’s going to look a little different this year without the Steelers out between Roethlisberger and JoJo Smith-Schuster, but this will be a very big match within North Asia.

Pittsburgh is never an easy task and they will be hungry to avenge themselves for being swept up last season by the Bengals. However, questions remain on the quarterback and the likelihood that they will continue to work through the growing pains of moving on from Big Ben is very high.

Steelers 17, Bengals 30; Cincinnati 1-0

Week 2: Bengals in Cowboys

This is a tough one Cincinnati hasn’t done well against Dallas, traditionally (only a 308 win percentage in showdown history), but it looks like the time to take on a team that cares about the quack’s stature. Dallas lost a broken heart in the post-season to a team 49ers They have since excluded talents from their list.

Amary Cooper traded with Cleveland, La’El Collins was released (and later signed to the Bengals), Randy Gregory went to Denver after a bit of a renaissance, while hums are heard about long-term futures contracts for both Ezekiel Elliott and coach Mike McCarthy.

It’s not going to be easy, and it probably isn’t pretty, but I think Cincinnati is taking this too.

Bengals 24, Cowboys, 20; Cincinnati 2-0

Week 3: Bengals at NY Jets

This confrontation last year almost derailed the Bengals season. Fortunately, they used it as a tutorial and broke through and crossed the post-season the rest of the way.

The planes have been improved this year, but how far they will go depends on the health and health of Zach Wilson’s arm. I can actually see a scenario where the Jets pull this again, but I think Cincinnati’s weaknesses from 2021 have been remedied enough to not allow these kinds of games to pass out of their grasp.

Bengals 26, Gates 21; Cincinnati 3-0

fourth week: dolphins in Bengals (TNF)

If you have listened or watched my session with Trey Wingo at Ceasars sports book In Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I had heard him say that dolphins are the dark horse of the jam-packed AFC. The additions of Terron Armstead, Sony Michel and Tyreek Hill make this a killer hit with Mike Gesicki and Jaylen Waddle already in place.

Still, the question with this team is all about Tua Tagovailoa. Can he escalate and detonate them, or does he wither under pressure? I still don’t know how to feel about this Dolphins team because we’ve seen teams gather seemingly all-star actors just to play down expectations.

Week 5: Bengals at Ravens (SNF)

A third road match in four weeks in prime time against a foul-mouthed opponent to strike back at the Bengals after they swept them last year? Yes, the expectations here aren’t great, with the Division Two game coming just a month into the season.

Baltimore has given up some veterans, added others, and done some good work a couple of weeks ago in the draft. There’s almost no way they’ll be as unhealthy as they were last year, so this person might get ugly at the end of the competition.

Ravens 34, Bengals 23; Cincinnati 4-1

Week 6: Bengals in the Saints

It’s a reunion in Bayou, with Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Tyler Shelvin, Thaddeus Moss, and La’el Collins arriving for the Homecoming. The top four in particular will be the city’s toast after the epic 2019 NCAA Championship returns home.

That would be a perfect match if Drew Bryce was still below center, but it’s James Winston and it looks like this is just a favorable contest for the Bengals on paper. One thing that adds to the potential plot here is Andy Dalton probably…don’t bother.

Bengals 24, Saints 16; Cincinnati 6-1

Week Seven: Hawks in the Bengals

Atlanta is rebuilding and doing so with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ryder as quarterback options. Kyle Pitts and Drake London are a challenge to Lou Anarumo, but this one feels like a game the Bengals should take it easy.

Falcons 16, Bengals 41; Cincinnati 5-1

Week 8: Bengals at Brown (MNF; Halloween night)

Simply put, the Bengals haven’t matched up well with the Browns over the past few years. Marvin Lewis owned the Browns during his 16-year tenure as head coach, but Zach Taylor was only 1-5 in his first three seasons in the team’s driver’s seat.

This game is a complete wild card game, of sorts. We have no idea for how long, if Deshaun Watson will ever be suspended, nor do we really know how well he will integrate into the Cleveland attack — especially after his absence from football last year.

Although we’re sure he’s talented enough to get ready fast and that he’ll be lively for this game, it can still be unpredictable. Unfortunately, I see the Bengals drop the first round in the 2022 “Ohio Battle” here.

Bengals 20, Browns 28; Cincinnati 6-2

Week 9: Panthers in Bengals

just who they are Carolina Panthers, exactly? They’re pretty strong with Christian McCaffrey proper, but that’s an inconsistent bet at this point.

Like the Hawks, Carolina has veteran senior pick Sam Darnold tied to the rookie with a third-round rookie pick, Matt Corral waiting in the wings. We’re not sure who the Bengals will see in this competition, but that doesn’t sound like a game Cincinnati will drop – especially at home.

Panthers 17, Bengals 30; Cincinnati 7-2

Week 11: Bengals at Steelers (SNF)

It’s pretty rare when the Bengals swept the season series against the Steelers as they did last year. However, given both teams’ tracks at the moment, this seems as good a time as any for Cincinnati to repeat broom breakups.

Who knows which quarterback the Bengals will see in this one? Regardless, it’s very likely that Pittsburgh will field two different signal callers in each of its games with Cincinnati.

Bengals 23, Steelers 21; Cincinnati 8-2

Week 12: Bengals in the Titans

Tennessee was the top seed in the AFC last year, only to see if he evaporated with a heartbreaking home loss to the Bengals in the division round. Lots of critics and fans from other teams are anticipating Cincinnati’s decline this year, but I feel that possibility is much more realistic for the Titans.

Tennessee traded AJ Brown away two weeks ago and hasn’t re-signed Julio Jones, while leaving guard Roger Savold. Ask your quarterback questions and this Titans could be a bit of a mess by the time the season extension rolls on at home.

Bengals 26, Titans 23; Cincinnati 9-2

Week 13: Chiefs in Bengals

In a strange twist by the schedule makers, the games against Tennessee and Kansas City, respectively, follow the Bengals’ 2021 post-season timeline. Like the Steelers and Ravens, The Chiefs are just as furious about last year’s sweep of Cincinnati—particularly in their dramatic comeback fashion.

If both teams follow the path of success that many have been expecting in the upcoming season, this game will be in the spotlight in a big way. Unfortunately, I think Kansas City has the better of the showdown this time.

Chiefs 38, Bengals 30; Cincinnati 9-3

Week 14: Browns at Bengals

While Cincinnati could lose their road rush game to Cleveland earlier this year, it’s hard to expect another Browns sweep this year. It won’t be easy, but the Bengals are balancing the scales in the rematch.

Browns 20, Bengals 24; Cincinnati 10-3

Week 15: Bengals at pirate

There are plenty of head-to-head clashes on the Cincinnati schedule for 2022. Few have the star power of Burrow versus Brady, though.

Cincinnati travels south to confront Buck, after a series of assassin games come out of goodbye. This is a barometer for the Bengals, but they may be temporarily low on gas at an inopportune time.

Bengals 21, pirate 30; Cincinnati 10-4

Week 16: Bengals at the Patriots (Christmas Eve)

After facing Tom Brady, the Bengals return to their old ground and take on former Hall of Fame coach Bill Belichick. We know that the Patriots’ grizzly coach excels at shedding the biggest strength(s) of a team, so the chess match between Belichick, Zack Taylor, and Borough should be fun.

While Belichick vs. Taylor might be an imbalance, Burrow is also against Mac Jones. I see the Bengals pull a signature win here.

Bengals 31, Patriots 21; Cincinnati 11-4

Week 17: Bills in the Bengals (MNF)

One of the biggest questions of the 2021 season was the question “What if…?” surrounding Buffalo and their imminent victory over Kansas City. how it’s going to be Asian Championship Played the game if the Bills and Bengals?

This hypothetical scenario takes place at the end of the season with a major event of the match, invited by Joe Buck and Troy Ekman on their new stop.

Bills 35, Bengals 27; Cincinnati 11-5

Week Eighteen: Crows in Bengals

As expected, this could come down to the North Asian crown and/or the Wild Card spot. Baltimore won the games this year, but not here. Cincinnati reminds them of last year’s unlucky victories and crows jumping for post-season positions.

Ravens 23, Bengals 34; Cincinnati 12-5

So, in the division, I see another 4-2 record for the Bengals this year, but with wins against each of the three teams. While the competitions against the Crows and Browns are achievable as well, I see the AFC as having a lot of competition this year.

In prime time games, I have the Bengals only going 2-3 in those competitions. Getting one against the Steelers would be a massive thing, but the others offer very tough competitions.

Some may feel that the three new starters in single attack and high school sports flow should lead to an improvement of more than two wins compared to last year. It’s possible, yes, but I find that possibility a little farfetched at the moment.

However, 12 wins is nothing to sneeze at, and the Bengals should be one of the best teams in the conference, if all the pieces fall into place again.

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