Two Deals, One Free Agent Signing Cowboys Should Help 2022 List

The 2022 NFL Draft It may be over, but there are still players out there from Cowboys in Dallas You should go after to help complete the roster for next season. Whether it’s signing a few free agents or acquiring talent by trade, the Cowboys have to start getting aggressive in order to compile the best possible roster from top to bottom.

Today, we’ll outline three moves the Dallas Cowboys must make to complete the roster for the upcoming 2022 season. There are two types of trade they should totally consider making and a Free agent can already have their eyes.

LP Anthony Bar

NFL: Oct 31 Cowboys in the Vikings

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Minus Micah Parsons, who should pick up exactly where he left off after a historic rookie season, the Dallas Cowboys have some serious concerns about depth at center back. Leighton Vander Esch has a worrying injury history and Gabriel Cox is still trying to come back from his season-ending injury in 2021. Both players are expected to play important roles this season, but neither can really be trusted.

Even worse, the depth behind them is sorely lacking for any type of player of basic caliber. For this reason, the center back is in dire need of another player who is able to step in if/when needed, and Minnesota Vikings LB Anthony Barr is among the best options available on the open market. And believe it or not, it was already Suggested as a potential free agent add-on for cowboys.

Over the past half decade, Barr has been one of the best players in the NFC when on the field. Unfortunately, he has missed 24 games over the past five seasons, however, most of them were in 2020, when he only played twice. Barr collected 495 interventions, 17.5 sacks, and five interceptions. This production and experience can be invaluable to a cowboy.

WR Duent Harris

Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints

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With Amari Cooper shipping to Cleveland Browns Earlier this season, with Michael Gallup expected to miss several matches to start the 2022 season, the Dallas Cowboys pinned their hopes on CeeDee Lamb’s big advance in Year 3 to become the number one wide receiver. While there is little doubt about his ability to thrive in this role, the main concern in Dallas’ passing game is the unknown depth behind him.

James Washington and Galen Tolbert could prove to be able to pick up the number two and three early for the Cowboys, but that’s a pretty big leap of faith considering they’re two new additions to the season. With that in mind, Dallas may want to look outside the organization for more help in WR, and while there are still some interesting names available on the open market, none of them bring the same kind of skill as Deonte Harris.

Harris will play under a one-year deal with the Saints in 2022 and currently finds himself buried in the depth scheme. For this reason, it can be obtained by trade and Dallas should jump at this opportunity. Harris could be a veteran who could be a WR, instrument player, and comeback specialist. This kind of triple threat is exactly what they need.

DT Tristin Hill

NFL: November 21 Cowboys in Chiefs

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It’s easy to forget that trades work in two ways because acquiring players is generally more fun than trading them away. In the case of Trysten Hill, the player currently buried on the depth chart, trading it away can kill two birds with one stone for a cowboy. By trading, rather than releasing it, they will get something in return, it is quite possible that there will be another player filling another need on the list.

With the younger players behind him on the depth chart, already crafted by this training system, Hill faces an uphill battle to even make it to the final 53-player roster. It can be used as commercial bait for a player like Deonte Harris, which we talked about earlier. Defensive intervention is one of the Saints’ current roster needs and the WR veteran is arguably one of Dallas’s as well. It can be a win-win business for both organizations.

Even if some of the trade versions involving Trysten Hill and Deonte Harris aren’t doable, the Cowboys DT could be valuable to some other teams looking for a talented young player to upgrade their defensive front. While this may not be seen as a move that helps complete the Dallas roster, it does provide more opportunities for some of the younger DTs cowboys to prove themselves and will likely give them some compensation rather than release him outright.

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