What does “side eye” mean on TikTok? The latest trend is sending the internet into a frenzy

Many individuals online use the term “side eye” in response to tweets, memes, current events, and more. This new trend is the latest to take over social media platforms, and it can be seen all over the internet, especially Twitter and TikTok.

The phrase refers to an individual making a judgment about a particular object using only their eyes.

The “side-eye” is the latest in a jumping on board of the trend TikTok has sponsored, with many users using the phrase to express their displeasure.

What do netizens say about the “side-eye” trend that is taking over the Internet?

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virus Tik Tok Trending is a way of expressing netizens’ judgment of someone or something they don’t like, dropping a comment with that phrase.

In everyday face-to-face interactions, the side eye usually indicates displeasure and is used when a particular situation is not impressive. Hence, comments with this phrase are now a way for netizens to show that they do not like the content put forward.

Another variation on this trend is themes in which people show their facial expressions in a video, with a voice saying “side eye” playing in the background.

“The worst thing comes from TikTok”: netizens are unhappy with the new trend

Social media users are not aware of this trend, many even consider it the “worst” TikTok trend on the internet. Speaking for himself, Twitter user @Chlecea_ wrote:

Side eye is the worst thing to come from tiktok

Some netizens said that when they first encountered this trend, they thought that people only used this sound because it was popular, but after learning about the true meaning of the trend, they didn’t like it.

User @KrolsCircus wrote that this phrase is TikTok’s “phrase of the month” and there are a number of comments that users have included.

The new tiktok phrase of the month is “side eye” that can’t even look at comments without seeing at least one person saying it. It will be a normal video just like what are you looking forward to?

Have you ever watched a funny video on tiktok and scrolled through the comments and it’s all “side eye” and “oh”

“Side eye” has to be the worst Tik Tok saying ever made up because it’s so annoying

TikTok side comments are really the most annoying thing ever

Side eye comments on tiktok are getting really old

32-year-old woman crying on TikTok bc she’s getting divorced from her husband of 22 years… side eye!

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