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KEYNER, L.A. — Chances are, former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was having a little fun on social media Sunday night when he uttered the phrase “I might play football again” while responding to a report about the future of broadcasting.

But when you’re one of the most prolific and competitive quarterbacks in NFL history, that phrase will obviously raise eyebrows — and procedural questions. Here’s a sneak peek at what the 43-year-old’s comeback might entail.

Was Bryce serious about ending his retirement after one season?

No… but, well, you never know.

Sources close to both Brees and the Saints have indicated that no return is imminent. Saints coach Dennis Allen confirmed this at the Golf Classics Hall of Fame on Monday when he said, “I think it was a joking comment, and we certainly haven’t had any conversations about it.”

Bryce was responding directly to the New York Post’s report that he would not return to NBC after one year as an analyst. Bryce responded to the report while listing a number of things he might consider doing – including training for the ‘Biklip Ball Tour’.

However, Brees also tweeted earlier on Sunday night about how the recent Saints added to local icons Teran Mathieu And Jarvis Landry “Makes me want to go back and play again!!!”

Bryce is a well-known competitive personality who has often said he can play at a high level until the age of 45 – and keep watching Tom Brady Prove that it is possible.

Bryce recently had surgery on his left non-fallen shoulder, according to multiple reports, which can be viewed in two ways. Either it means he’s not ready to return to football anytime soon or he really wants to keep his body in peak condition.

Breeze is probably feeling better now than he did a year ago. He admitted he’s been dealing with countless nagging injuries in 2020 (including a punctured lung and broken ribs that kept him out for four weeks) and said he’s perfectly healthy in one game.

Even if Brees does not return to Saints or another team this summer, he could still be in great shape should another opportunity arise. After all, the Saints called him to gauge his interest last December when they fell to fourth in the season.

Would the saints be interested?

This one is too hypothetical to answer in fairness. General Manager Mickey Loomis wisely avoided the prospect of any controversy on Monday while saying he had not spoken to Bryce.

When asked if he thought Bryce would be able to make a comeback, Loomis said Bryce was “capable of anything he wants to do” but said he would “walk away” from any speculation.

The Saints have made a rather strong commitment to the current milieu James Winstonand signed a two-year extension with a base value of $28 million with a $21 million guarantee this off-season after their attempts to trade for Deshaun Watson Failure.

They also signed one of the most proven veteran backup options in Andy Dalton. And they still have Tsum Hillalthough he is expected to focus more on his finalist/tight runner this year.

It’s hard to anticipate the Saints’ reaction if Bryce is determined to make a comeback. But again, it may be the first call they make if injuries occur.

What is the status of a land contract?

Brees was placed on the NFL Reserve/Retired List last June. But he can always apply to return the job. Since he still had one year left on his contract with the Saints, that final year would be enforced and they would keep his rights.

Interestingly, however, Bryce cut his veteran’s salary to the $1.075 million minimum before retiring to help set the New Orleans salary cap. So it is likely that the two sides will reach a new agreement whether he returns to the Saints or wants to play for another team.

The Saints have more than $10 million left in the salary cap space — even after signing Matteo and Landry. But they paid nearly $100 million in next-year cap costs earlier this season to get the cover and make room for the possibility of adding a Watson contract, so any Brees reunion should come at a huge discount in the hometown.

By default, of course.


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